AdAsia 2023 Seoul announces the appointment of TikToker Ox_zung as an ambassador

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AdAsia 2023 Seoul announces the appointment of TikToker Ox_zung as an ambassador

AdAsia 2023 Seoul Organizing committee has announced the appointment of TikToker Ox_zung (WonJeong Seo) as an ambassador of AdAsia 2023 Seoul. The appointment ceremony was held on the 31st at Korea Advertising Academy.


Ox_zung is a popular influencer with over 55 million followers on TikTok, making him as an individual content creator with the highest number of followers in South Korea. He creates video contents that are easily enjoyable for a wide range of viewers and has gained popularity both domestically and internationally.

Ox_zung was selected as Forbes’ “The 2023 30 Under 30 Asia Content Creators and Influencers Educating and Entertaining the Public” as well as the only Korean to be named in the “2022 Discover List” by TikTok, a selection of content creators who have expanded cultural influence. He also published a book called “My 15 Seconds,” which contains insights and know-hows on short-form contents production.

He stated his commitment to deliver joy and connect the world through a shift in perspective, aligning with the theme of AdAsia 2023 Seoul. He also emphasized his dedication to become a platform for communication and to put efforts into conveying enjoyment.

AdAsia 2023 Seoul announces the appointment of TikToker Ox_zung as an ambassador

The general chair of the organizing committee, Nack Hoi Kim expressed his expectation for new ambassador Ox_zung, who compasses multiple generations with his entertaining and relatable contents, stating that he would help promoting the status of current Korean advertising industry, usefulness of communication and advertisements, and the significance of AdAsia 2023 Seoul. Chairman Kim also mentioned that the event would confirm the current status of the advertising industry in South Korea and would serve as a valuable platform to foster and understand the significance of communication.

Furthermore, AdAsia 2023 Seoul held the kick-off ceremony of SNS Journalists, consisting mainly of members from university advertising alliance clubs. The 16 individuals, recommended by the Seoul regional advertising alliance clubs, will start to create diverse and trendy contents related to AdAsia from June 1st. They will also actively engage in promotional activities for AdAsia 2023 Seoul.

AdAsia 2023 Seoul will take place from October 24-27 at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul. With 64 years of tradition behind it, AdAsia is Asia’s largest conference on advertising, digital content, media, creative content, and marketing. This year marks the third time AdAsia will be held in Korea. The theme of the event is ’Transform, Play, and Connect’ which serves to highlight the new reality that “advertising in the digital era is not about how to ‘sell’ but how to make consumers ‘enjoy’, thus connecting the world together.