Mullen Lintas India and Manipal Hospitals encourage people to prioritise their well-being

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Mullen Lintas India has launched a new campaign in collaboration with Manipal Hospitals, one of the leading healthcare providers in the country, aimed at inspiring individuals to prioritise their own well-being. The campaign encourages audiences to adopt a proactive approach to their health, ultimately preventing the need for reactive critical care situations.


In an era where healthcare communication has become all about expertise, equipments, facilities etc, Manipal Hospitals and Mullen Lintas have collaborated to convey a powerful emotional message through thought-provoking campaign. The central theme revolves around the idea ‘Take Care Of Yourself’ which communicates the core message that the best way to prevent reactive critical care is by taking care of our own health every single day. And Manipal Hospitals strongly encourages taking preventive care of your health on a daily basis so that you are less dependent on curative, critical medical help.

Karthik Rajagopal, COO, Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt. Ltd, said: “In today’s fast paced world, we often neglect our well-being in the pursuit of success, losing our quality of health. Following this insight, we decided to launch a brand campaign ‘The best gift that we can give to our near and dear ones is the gift of our own good health.’For this, I would like to applaud the efforts of Mullen Lintas and Director, Gauri Shinde, in bringing this idea to life. We’re grateful for this partnership and hope everyone will appreciate this message.”

Mullen Lintas captures the essence of personal health journeys through various stages of life. Each story resonates with viewers on a relatable level, underlining the importance of adopting balanced lifestyles, the need to exercise regularly, and early intervention. The multi-film campaign subtly highlights the potential consequences of neglecting one’s health, while also celebrating the positive outcomes that arise from being proactive.

Hari Krishnan, CEO, Mullen Lintas, said: “Healthcare communication has for a long time been about brands talking about themselves to consumers, almost in a one-way approach, about their expertise, facilities, infrastructure etc. We felt that the time is right to elevate the conversation. As one of the pioneers in modern healthcare in India, the onus of exemplifying thought leadership rests with Manipal Hospitals. With this as our guiding light, we conceived a campaign which, at its heart, is all about encouraging people to take care of their health so they never need to be taken care of in a hospital. It’s very bold in that sense, for a brand to consciously decide to not talk about themselves and the team at Manipal Hospitals deserves all the credit for taking this leap.”

Client: Manipal Hospitals
Creative Agency: Mullen Lintas
Creative Team: Varsha Desai, Alesha Pimpale,
Account Management: Lopamudra Bhattacharya, Chetali Kudtarkar, Ameena Khan
Strategic Planning: Sushma R Rao, Gargi Sarvankar
Production House: Hope Productions
Director: Gauri Shinde