distillery Singapore encourages vigilance amongst Singpass users via music video

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distillery Singapore has worked with the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) on a public education campaign to encourage and guide the public about keeping their Singpass safe.


The campaign aims to reach a broad audience across different demographics with advice about how to protect their digital identity and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. These messages include a series of security tips to protect one’s account – from always checking if text messages sent by Singpass are legitimate, to calling a 24-hour scam reporting hotline if they suspect that their Singpass has been compromised.

To arm Singpass users with knowledge they need to protect themselves from scams and ensure they stay alert when transacting online, the distillery team co-created ‘Be Sure. Be Secure’, a catchy song that delivers the important messages as a multi-genre earworm.

From rap vocals, to soulful notes and all the way to a big k-pop inspired chorus, the song features the safety tips conveyed through dancing seniors and even a singing fish!

The ‘Be Sure. Be Secure.’ music video was delivered in partnership with production company Little Red Ants and will run across various digital channels from late August 2023.

distillery Singapore encourages vigilance amongst Singpass users via music video

Simon Hearn, Managing Director, distillery, said: “Data security online is a very real global problem, and the news is flooded with stories on scams on an almost daily basis. For the ‘Be Sure. Be Secure.’ campaign, we knew we needed to find a balance between communicating a serious message and producing a standout creative that would entertain and resonate with viewers.

“It’s both an individual and collective responsibility to protect our personal data and digital identities, so we really hope this campaign will raise awareness for people to be vigilant when performing digital transactions.”

Guilet James Libby, Creative Director, distillery, said: “Singapore is known for its music video campaigns, the challenge lies in setting yourself apart from the other chart-toppers. Our mission for this campaign was clear: to carve a distinctive look and feel that would set us apart from what people are normally used to. Our aim? To fuse a resonant message with a creative concept that seamlessly takes viewers on a musical journey. And the magic ingredient? Ensuring it strikes a chord with people of every generation.”

distillery is an award-winning independent global content company, with dedicated regional teams in London, Singapore, San Francisco, and Dubai.

Agency: Distillery SG Pte Ltd
Managing Director: Simon Hearn
Creative Director: Guilet James Libby
Head of Content: Bill Davies
Account Director: Advait Naik
Senior Producer: Dora Claire David
Art Director: Jenn Perng Cheong
Project Manager: Joie Tan
Junior Designer: Vanessa Tan
Motion Graphic Designer: Camille Iris Sabado
Creative Services Manager: Balbir Kaur
Production House: Little Red Ants Creative Studio
Director: Poh Yan Zhao
Executive Producer: Aron Baldueza-Castro
Producer: Shermaine Chang
Business Lead: Axel Toh
Director of Photography: Lau Chong Wai
Art Director: Chris Koh
Gaffer: Eljin Tan
Wardrobe Stylist: MeiZ
Hair & Makeup: Christina Koh
Post Producer: Ani Hoo
Editor: Elaine Chai
Colourist: Jasmine Seo
Motion Graphics Lead: Leona Ng
Audio House + Composition: Pitch Audio+Magic
Choreography: O School

distillery Singapore encourages vigilance amongst Singpass users via music video distillery Singapore encourages vigilance amongst Singpass users via music video