GREY Malaysia and TM tap into generative AI to celebrate the multifaceted diversity of Malaysia

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TM and Grey Malaysia have collaborated to spur the nation to celebrate the beauty of Malaysia’s diversity with the power of AI technology.


Inspired by Malaysia’s diversity of cultures, traditions and ethnicities, the team has created AIDENTITI™ KITA: an AI platform that allows people to express the unique traits that make them Malaysian. The campaign features a microsite where people can generate their AIDENTITI™ as a personalised music video clip and stand a chance to be featured on digital billboards across the nation.

Shanti Jusnita Johari, Chief Marketing Officer, TM Group Customer Experience & Marketing, said: “Aligning with TM’s mission to bring new technologies to everyday Malaysians, this campaign showcases our country’s identity and diversity through a unique digital engagement, where communities from all walks of life can experience AI up close. Through our AIDENTITI™ KITA initiative, we at TM aim to foster unity by bridging culture, humanity and technology.”

Jeremy Yeoh, Deputy Executive Creative Director of Grey Malaysia, said: “We wanted to give people the platform to experience AI in a way that’s uniquely Malaysian. With generative AI, we’re able to add a different dimension and generate new perspectives on how we express Malaysia’s colourful kaleidoscope of faces and facets.”

To elevate AIDENTITI™ KITA further, the team worked with Directors Think Tank and Nacho Usual Collective to produce a one-of-a-kind music video featuring Malaysian artists MK (K-Clique), Suki Low and Balan Kash. Created with generative AI and the vision of film director Ian Djin Kai, the film tells a story of Malaysia’s diversity through live-action and unique digital artwork compositions. Driven by a pop-rap music composition infused with traditional instruments, the MV showcased the beauty of Malaysia’s multifaceted culture in a method that’s fresh and modern.

GREY Malaysia and TM tap into generative AI to celebrate the multifaceted diversity of Malaysia

Jamie Hendricks, Senior Art Director and Lysha Zulkifly, Senior Copywriter of Grey Malaysia, said: “Giving everyone a taste of what AI can be is the beauty of this campaign, and what better way than to present it through our diverse culture. The outcome we got from the generated artwork with what was filmed really brought to life our blend of identity. It’s still uncharted territory that we’re tapping into, but as creatives, we have to adapt to constant new mediums of creativity. And with AI, it’s definitely a worthy exploration.”

Client: TM Technology Services Sdn. Bhd.
Chief Marketing Officer TM Group Customer Experience & Marketing: Shanti Jusnita Binti Johari
Head, TM Group Brand & Marketing: Andrew Philip Pinto
General Manager TM Brand & Partnerships: Teh Siow Ling
Assistant General Manager TM Brand & Partnerships: Logeswary
Manager TM Brand & Partnerships: Nora Haslin Binti Hasnan
Head Creative, TM Group Brand & Communications: Mohammad Faizal Bin Mohammad Azlan
Creative, TM Brand & Marketing: Ooi Chze Yue
Head, TM Media Management: Afifa Hanom Dean Azahar
Head, TM Social Media Management: Nuraini Alyaa Ramlan
Assistant General Manager, TM Digital Solutions: Khairold Safri Bin Ibrahim
Manager, TM Digital Solutions: Rizalman Bin Samiun
Agency: GREY Malaysia
Chief Executive Officer: Irene Wong
Chief Creative Officer: Graham Drew
Deputy Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Yeoh
Head of Strategy: Cindy Quek
Client Service Director: Jennifer Liew
Brand Director: Lyn Yen Khoo
Group Head BM Copywriter: Ashraf Sheh
BM Copywriter: Hashim Samsudim
Senior Copywriter: Lysha Zulkifly
Copywriter: Jodi Yip
Senior Art Director: Jamie Hendricks
Senior Designer: Hazel Ng
Designer: Chee Yong Lam
Senior Brand Manager: Charmayne Das
Brand Executive: Afrina Zainol Rashid
AV Producer: Suzy Chiang
AV Producer: Robert Aw
Head of Digital: Salil Shahane
Social Media Manager: Syafiq Rusman
FA Artist: Shuh Meng Lim
Digital Imaging Artist: Ronnei Foong Kang Kai
Creative Services Director: Ju Li Peh
Creative Services Executive: Qistina Yazid
Film Production: Directors Think Tank
Executive Producer: Tek Nam
Film Director: Ian Djin Kai
Director of Photography: Arvin
Producer: Zin Yi
Production Coordinator: Shar Han
Production Assistant: Alister
Art Department: Pintu Merah Enterprise
Wardrobe: Darren @ Wardrobe Room
Wardrobe for KOL: 95 Studio Enterprise
Makeup: Razzy / Jovin
Location: Deric
Editor: Basil
Post-production: Tank 3 Asia
AI Visual Generation: Flux28 Studio
VFX/AI Lead: Talha K.K
Audio Production: Nacho Usual Collective
Music Composer: Bo Amir
Digital Production: Aleph Labs
Project Manager: Tyler Rooney
Design Director: Bryan Kwan
UI/UX Designer: Yong Qi
Tech Lead: Lawrence Na
Front End Lead: Bob Sanlon
Front End Developer: Nur Adila
Front End Developer: Harith Ismail
Strategy Director: Afif Azman

GREY Malaysia and TM tap into generative AI to celebrate the multifaceted diversity of Malaysia