Ogilvy Singapore releases their travel trends 2023 report: navigating the new era of travel

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Ogilvy Singapore releases their travel trends 2023 report: navigating the new era of travel

In a year that has witnessed a remarkable resurgence of the travel industry, Ogilvy Singapore has launched its travel trends report for 2023. As the world embarks on a new chapter in travel, this comprehensive report uncovers 21 dynamic trends that are shaping the way we journey, experience, and connect.


Ogilvy Singapore recognized the need to explore these shifts and has unveiled the remarkable transformations taking place within the world of travel. The travel trends report goes beyond the conventional to reveal not just what’s happening, but why and how. Each trend presents fresh opportunities to redefine the travel experience and offers insights into the evolving desires and preferences of modern explorers.

Kunal Jeswani, Group CEO – Ogilvy Singapore & Malaysia, said: “Our team’s passion for travel and their curiosity about the changing landscape drove us to uncover these fascinating trends. Through this report, we aim to provide clients with a roadmap to navigate the evolving world of travel and find new ways to connect meaningfully with consumers.”

The report examines the intricate interplay between regional and international trends and paints a holistic picture of how they influence global travel dynamics. Many businesses across industries target travellers.

Shirley Tay, Chief Client Officer at Ogilvy Singapore, said: “Travel is no longer just about the destination; it is a journey of transformation. Our report not only addresses the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of travel trends, but also delves into the ‘why’, uncovering the motivations behind these trends.”

The Ogilvy Singapore Travel Trends 2023 report answers thought-provoking questions, including how modern travellers are finding inspiration, the emergence of new travel experiences, the evolving strategies in trip planning, and the shifting patterns in booking preferences. Ogilvy hope it will empower clients and industry professionals alike with some new information and a few fresh perspectives.

Dive into the Ogilvy Singapore Travel Trends 2023 report and be part of the conversation exploring the future of travel. Download your copy here.