Cheil India creates light-hearted ‘EVing is Living’ campaign for MG Motor

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Cheil India has created this new campaign ‘EVing is Living,’ for MG Motor India, to redefine an era of conscious living by switching to EVs.


The campaign focuses on the myths about EVs, reassuring those who are indecisive about transitioning to EVs, while also alleviating any uncertainties they may hold regarding EV cars. The campaign addresses the concerns about range anxiety and performance to reservations about charging infrastructure associated with upgrading to an EV. It is a comprehensive 360-degree campaign created by Cheil India, comprising of a series with a set of seven films that are set to roll out across diverse platforms encompassing television, and digital platforms.

Udit Malhotra, Head of Marketing, MG Motor India, said: “This campaign demonstrates MG’s dedication to offer peace of mind to customers through India’s beloved EV ZSEV. It promotes EV awareness, debunking myths, and embraces the ‘EVing is Living’ movement. This campaign celebrates the EV-driven future marked by sustainability, convenience, and enhanced experiences. It showcases EVs’ seamless integration into our lives, shaping a sustainable and enriching lifestyle, blending eco-consciousness, technology, and luxury.”

Amit Nandwani, National Creative Director, Cheil India, said: “We wanted to create a campaign wherein each film addresses a different barrier to the adoption of EVs in India. So, we came up with a series of fun, light-hearted stories with MG ZS EV at the heart of it. The films are simple, endearingly relatable and visually refreshing. We hope the campaign will connect strongly with the viewers and bring about the desired change in their mindset.”

Neeraj Bassi, Chief Growth Officer, Cheil India, said: “Through this series of films, we are adding a new dimension to EV communication. EV films are often viewed through the lens of environment but there are so many other reasons that advocate the switch to EV. In this series, we have highlighted the real, everyday benefits to the consumers once they choose to go ahead with their EV purchase”.

Agency: Cheil India
Chief Operating Officer: Sanjeev Jasani
Chief Creative Officer: Vikash Chemjong
Chief Growth Officer: Neeraj Bassi
National Creative Director: Amit Nandwani
Chief Strategy Officer: Sourav Ray
Account Management team:  Jaipal Singh, Priyanka Saini, Shweta Goel
Creative team: Vikrant Bisht, Shailender Singh, Devdas Nair
Account Planning team: Ruchi Kohli, Prachi Dang
Production House: Happy Making Films
Director: Puneet Prakash
DOP: Sejal Shah
Producers: Gaurav Kandpal & Ashish Bhatia

Cheil India creates light-hearted ‘EVing is Living’ campaign for  MG Motor