digiBank Indonesia redefines smart banking with innovative AI-Powered campaign from NADA

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digiBank Indonesia has released its latest advertising campaign with NADA Jakarta, revolutionizing how commercials are conceived and produced. Titled “Navigating Smartly: A Multiverse of Possibilities,” this campaign marks a significant leap forward as the first-ever commercial in Indonesia to be entirely generated by artificial intelligence.


digibank Indonesia, known as the ‘smart bank,’ has always been at the forefront of pioneering financial solutions tailored for the tech-savvy generation. With a clear focus on targeting young, intelligent Indonesian individuals, the bank has consistently strived to offer innovative services that resonate with the modern lifestyle. The AI-generated campaign aligns perfectly with digiBank’s ethos of combining advanced technology with personalized financial experiences.

The heart of the campaign centers around Chef Renatta Moeloek, a prominent public figure known for her intellect, creativity, and culinary excellence. The commercial ingeniously casts Chef Renatta as the protagonist of a story brimming with multiverse possibilities, an ingenious narrative strategy made possible by AI-generated content.

Regardless of her life paths, Chef Renatta’s character always finds herself empowered by the versatile services offered by digibank. The AI-generated multiverse showcases her various life possibilities – from becoming an acclaimed architect to a K Pop Idol or even a Wildlife Photographer – all connected by digiBank’s support in her financial endeavors.

Renowned Indonesian commercial director Sim F has masterfully brought this AI-generated narrative to life on the screen. His prowess in visual storytelling and AI-generated content has resulted in a campaign that seamlessly weaves together reality and imagination, captivating the audience at every turn.

Embracing Technology for Relevance: Paul Sidharta, the creative lead of NADA, emphasizes the significance of embracing technology in daily life and work. The campaign’s underlying message resonates with the notion that staying relevant and adapting to the rapidly evolving world requires a willingness to harness technological advancements.

Sidharta said: “In a world where change is constant, our ability to adapt determines our success. AI is not just a tool but an avenue for creativity and innovation. Our partnership with digibank Indonesia showcases the possibilities that arise when technology meets imagination.”

digibank Indonesia’s AI-powered campaign is a testament to the bank’s commitment to redefining smart, innovative banking. By showcasing the potential of AI-generated narratives, the campaign inspires a new wave of creativity and exploration in the advertising industry. It underscores the bank’s dedication to providing its customers with cutting-edge solutions that align with their ambitions and aspirations.

As the campaign takes center stage across various media channels, it is poised to spark conversations about the role of AI in storytelling and advertising, heralding a new era of marketing innovation and engagement. With its visionary approach, digiBank Indonesia not only captivates the attention of its target audience but also elevates the discourse on the symbiotic relationship between technology, creativity, and relevance.

digiBank Indonesia redefines smart banking with innovative AI-Powered campaign from NADA digiBank Indonesia redefines smart banking with innovative AI-Powered campaign from NADA