FAB Indonesia champions the next generation of creativepreneurs through their Y Program

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FAB Indonesia champions the next generation of creativepreneurs through their Y Program

FAB Indonesia, a tech-based creative business platform in Indonesia, has launched its Y Program, designed to empower and nurture the next generation of fearless creative entrepreneurs and leaders.


“The Y Program stands as a testament to FAB Indonesia’s commitment to fostering innovation and creativity among the young minds of the nation,” says Fritz B. Tobing, CEO of FAB Indonesia. “With a sharp focus on innovation, goals, and execution, this program is uniquely tailored to nurture the fearless potential of young creative entrepreneurs.”

In a time where businesses face many uncertainties, such as the tech winter for start-ups, the Y Program emerges as the ideal choice for creativepreneurs seeking the right and effective solution to grow their businesses.

Tobing adds: “We take a very holistic approach to investment and tailored support, focusing on the profitability and growth of creative businesses on our platform, rather than in burning money, per say,” says Tobing.

Beyond investment and capital assistance, the Y Program offers a wide range of support and customized solutions to creative entrepreneurs and businesses, aimed to propel their ventures as profitable and sustainable creative establishments.

On a national level, the urgency of the Y Program is accentuated by the dynamic state of the creative industry and the increasing influence of the Gen Z and Millennial demographic in Indonesia. As highlighted in a recent publication by the ministry, the Indonesian creative industry significantly contributes around USD 82 billion to the national GDP through its 17 subsectors, encompassing advertising, publishing, visual communication, and crafts, among others. Moreover, with over half of the country’s 270+ million population falling under this demographic, it becomes evident that the substantial growth in the creative industry presents an immense opportunity for young creativepreneurs to leave a lasting impact.

Despite the industry’s growth and economic impact, aspiring entrepreneurs face numerous obstacles that impede their progress. These challenges resonate not only within Indonesia but also align closely with the global scenario. An article by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) in the US highlighted these common fears and concerns, ranging from financial pressures to challenges related to rapid growth and lack of experience.

At the heart of the Y Program’s offerings lies the concept of intimate and adaptive mentorship, delivered by experienced management professionals across expertises.

“This mentorship isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach,” says Tobing. “Instead, we believe that personalized guidance is essential for young creativepreneurs to overcome challenges in making strategic decisions, operational excellence, quality management, and more that are aligned with their visions.”

From optimizing digital presence to leveraging cutting-edge tools, participants of the program will have access to a dedicated technology support unit. Furthermore, The Y Program extends support through other office functions such as finance, legal, human resources, general affairs, as well as a vast network of industry experts and potential clients.

As of today, The Y Program has successfully welcomed eight burgeoning creative entities including creative agencies; Katch, Basement, AdsON Asia, digital agency; BSKSBT, digital production company; Mooilux, media platform; The Bride Dept, studio production and woodcraft; Koentji, and automotive YouTube content creators; Exotic Cars Spotter Bandung, cumulating works that have involved more than 100+ employees, 200+ brands, impacting 1000+ stakeholders including vendors, talents, etc across expertise and industries, reaching millions of consumers in the process.