Win Metawin surprises everyone in Coca-Cola’s new campaign via Open X and The Sweetshop

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The creative energy of famous Thai actor Win Metawin Opas-iamkajorn meets the iconic Coca-Cola brand in a new campaign via WPP’s Open X and The Sweetshop.


This collaboration blends Win Metawin’s unique personality and Director Jared Daperis’ talent for capturing intimate and genuine family moments with the true refreshment of an ice-cold Coke.

Instead of paid actors, the campaign features Win’s real-life siblings, enjoying a genuine surprise from their brother. Win is shown taking real suggestions from the fans on the meal to cook and ingredients to use, showing the authentic reactions that bring Coca-Cola’s Real Magic to life.

Metawin’s presence fills the Coca-Cola campaign with energy, celebrating the essence of family and joy found in all those little magical moments together. The on-screen connection between Metawin and his real-life siblings create the organic emotions that audiences love, offering a rare glimpse into his private life away from the glitz, and sharing Win’s recipe for magic that includes: Sunday surprises, Signature pizza (chicken basil pizza) and an Ice-cold Coke.

It’s these authentic connections that encapsulate the core of Coca-Cola’s meals platform of ‘Recipe for Magic’—bringing people together through moments, meals and Coke.

Director, Jared Daperis, said: “The aim was to create something hugely joyous, warm and with an unwavering smile, whilst as much as possible — maintaining a level of authenticity and naturalism between Win and his family. It really was one of those projects that was an absolute pleasure from start to finish. From the brilliant creatives and team at WPP Open X, to the engaged and supportive client at Coca-Cola, it was a wonderful collaboration. And I think with the incredible support of our Bangkok production team — that positivity and warmth shines through on screen.”

Win Metawin surprises everyone in Coca-Cola’s new campaign via Open X and The Sweetshop

Regional Content Manager, Komkrib Chokchaikatanyu for Coca-Cola ASEAN & South Pacific Operating Unit, said: “It was an amazing experience working with Jared who brought real magic to life in his bespoke works. He has brought a fresh perspective to our Coca-Cola meals platform, a recipe for magic, through the simple yet touching story of Win Metawin’s Sunday surprises”.

Executive Producer from The Sweetshop, Penny Woo, said: ‘It was really a pleasure working with Win who was truly professional. It was a tight one day shoot with a lot of elements that we needed to cover. Everyone was fantastic – from the clients, agency and production who collaborated cohesively to create this beautiful piece of work.”

Coca-Cola ASEAN & South Pacific Operating Unit
Adam Ross, Creative Strategy Director
Baron M. Magtanong, Regional Marketing Manager
Komkrib Chokchaikatanyu (Mr T.), Regional Content Manager
Open X
Nikhil Panjwani, Executive Creative Director
Tiago Silva, Senior Copywriter
Hugo Suissas, Senior Art Director
Juhi Bimbhet, Category Business Director
Eugenia Ngan, Senior Program Director
Priscilla Lim, Project Integrator
ThaoNhi Nguyen, Project Management Officer/ Project Integrator
Tamara de Jesus, Group Account Director
Panita Thanaiulintorn, Account Director
Thunkorn Jomsangawong, Project Lead/ Account Manager
Alexis Lefort, Executive Producer
Jaye Ong, Producer
The Sweetshop
Jared Daperis, Director
Fiona King, Global Director of Production
Penny Woo, Executive Producer
Jaye Choong, Producer
Aui, Line Producer
Get, Production Manager
Dear, Production Coordinator
Touie Li, Production Assistant

Win Metawin surprises everyone in Coca-Cola’s new campaign via Open X and The Sweetshop