Kino Indonesia and Future Creative Network unite to work on some of Indonesia’s biggest brands

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Kino Indonesia and Future Creative Network unite to work on some of Indonesia’s biggest brands

Kino Indonesia, a renowned name in the consumer goods industry in the country, has announced a new partnership with Indonesian-based agency group Future Creative Network (FCN). Together, Kino and FCN will aim to elevate brands and products to new heights through innovation, creativity, and shared values.


Kino Indonesia and Future Creative Network’s five creative agencies – Taka, Hudhud, Froyo, Animal3 and Rovers – have joined forces to win above the line and digital marketing contracts for some of Kino’s most well known product lines.

The five celebrated brands that will benefit from this partnership are:

• Sleek Baby by Hudhud: Hudhud’s insightful approach will bring a new and fresh perspective to Sleek Baby, ensuring that this well-loved brand continues to captivate its audience with relevant campaigns and product enhancements.

• Ovale by Taka: Taka’s playful vision will breathe new life into Ovale, delivering creative campaigns that reconnect the brand’s ethos of natural beauty and self-care with the youth of today

• Ellips by Animal3: Animal3’s expertise in understanding business through strong creative storytelling will enhance Ellips, enabling the brand to connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level and establish them as one of the giants in hair care competitive category.

• Eskulin by Froyo: Froyo’s inventive strategies will take Eskulin to the next level, rejuvenating its position as a relevant brand for younger consumers in the personal care industry and expanding its market reach.

• Eskulin Kids by Rovers: Rovers collaborates with Eskulin Kids’ team to reinvent the way kid’s shampoo communicates by addressing the real pain points while keeping the fun tonality that illustrates the daily life of the alpha generation as the end users.

Vebbyna K., Chief Marketing Officer at Kino Indonesia, said: “We believe that collaborating with people who have great capabilities would enable Kino to foster favorable business growth and performance. Finding a suitable partner with the same mission will thereby accelerate overall performance in order to accomplish shared objectives.”

Furthermore, Vebbyna also shared her expectations from this partnership that include having a partner who can collaborate with Kino in developing unique ideas, visuals, and persuasive communication that will successfully grab the attention of the target audience and complement the company’s brand.

Reza Fitriano, Chief Business Officer at Future Creative Network, said: “This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and the limitless potential of creative thinking. We are thrilled to embark on this journey with Kino Indonesia and are committed to delivering groundbreaking campaigns and experiences.”