Time Internet are revolutionizing broadband via new Fishermen Integrated campaign

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Fishermen Integrated, who are coming off the recent high of their “Agency of the Year” title at the Effie Malaysia 2023 Awards, is embarking on a new mission. In collaboration with Time Internet, they’ve unveiled the daring “Gig Speed Home” campaign, aiming to revolutionize how Malaysians experience high-speed broadband in their homes.


Andrew Yeoh, Group Head of Marketing, TIME dotCom, said: “Time has always been at the forefront of Internet technologies that create better customer experiences. We were the first to launch 1Gbps, first and only to launch true 2Gbps and first to market with same-day and extended hours installation. The next evolution of this is our Gig Speed Home, based on the latest FTTR (Fibre-To-The-Room) F30 technology from Huawei, which allows the fibrerisation of your entire home via micro-optical cables, allowing consistent speeds of up to 1Gbps in every corner.

“We entrusted the challenge of bringing this revolutionary tech to life with Fishermen, entirely confident that they would create a clutter-breaking campaign that would communicate the real, tangible benefits in an engaging and entertaining way. Once again, they’ve more than delivered.”

“Mission: Gig Speed Home” – Redefining Home Broadband Connectivity
Enter the high-octane world of “Gig Speed Home” – Time Internet’s answer to the need for lightning-fast and dependable broadband across every nook and cranny of your living space. With speeds cranked up to an electrifying 1Gbps, every room in your home will now be at the epicenter of ultrafast broadband, vanquishing the tangled wires and dead zones of the past. The technology at the heart of this mission? Huawei’s cutting-edge Fibre-To-The-Room (FTTR) technology, seamlessly weaving invisible micro optical fibers into designated spaces, ensuring no room is left behind.

“In our ever-changing and fiercely competitive industry, where setbacks are common, it’s essential to have enduring partnerships like the one we’ve nurtured with Time Internet,” says Joyce Gan, Group Brand Director at Fishermen Integrated. “Our long-standing collaboration not only allows us to better understand our clients but also stirs our creative spirit. We’ve found a special synergy with Time, fueled by our shared boldness and determination to push creative boundaries. Together, we’ve ventured into uncharted territories, propelling both our companies to new heights.”

Time Internet are revolutionizing broadband via new Fishermen Integrated campaign

In this high-stakes mission brought to life by Fishermen Integrated and produced by The Directors of Think Tank., we meet “Agent E,” portrayed by none other than the illustrious singer and actor, Elizabeth Tan. The mission, framed in the style of a Mission Impossible narrative, tasks Agent E with installing Time Internet’s state-of-the-art Gig Speed Home in a high-rise residence. Her mission: execute the installation covertly and flawlessly, all while evading detection. With precision and skill, Agent E returns to her commanding officer at Gigabit Holdings, showcasing the product’s unique selling points, all in the name of Time Internet’s Kabel Besar proposition.

“The product is Invisible Fibre. So invisible, you don’t even know we installed it. We didn’t shy away from it but instead we sell it in the most entertaining way. Our latest work for Time Kabel Besar reunites Fishermen and celebrity Elizabeth Tan. Tapping onto her popularity from the movie Abang Long Fadil 3, the commercial featured Elizabeth Tan reprising her role as an agent that performs stunts in the latest Time Kabel Besar Gig Speed Home cinematic film,” says Andrew Tan, Executive Creative Director at Fishermen Integrated.

Introducing the Gig Speed Home Event – A Grand Showdown: To intensify the campaign’s excitement, a grand ‘Gig Speed Home’ event was staged at IPC Shopping Center from October 19th to 22nd. Attendees were invited to put the 1Gbps speed to the test in every room, experiencing seamless gaming and movie streaming. The stakes were high with thrilling prizes at play, including a chance to win a full RM10,000 Gig Speed Home Makeover, full FTTR installations, IKEA vouchers, and even One Year Free Internet. The event activation was masterfully orchestrated by Apxara and decked out with aesthetics from IKEA. Don’t miss the chance to join us at IPC Damansara and be a part of this exhilarating contest!

Time Internet are revolutionizing broadband via new Fishermen Integrated campaign Time Internet are revolutionizing broadband via new Fishermen Integrated campaign