Flock and BCA pick up three awards at the Southeast Asian YouTube Awards

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Flock and BCA pick up three awards at the Southeast Asian YouTube Awards

Flock (FCN) has been awarded three prestigious awards at YouTube Works Southeast Asia, in recognition of their outstanding collaborations with BCA (Bank Central Asia).


#DecliningFraudElegantly (Tolak Dengan Anggun) not only raised awareness but also made an indelible impact, emerging as the victor in the ‘Changemaker’ category in Southeast Asia.

This groundbreaking campaign marks the first of its kind in Indonesia, boldly addressing the perils of ever-evolving banking-related fraud. In stark contrast to conventional educational public service announcements, this film refrains from invoking fear or depicting the audience as victims. Instead, it transforms the narrative into a spirited battle against fraud, elegantly narrated by Anggun, Indonesia’s paragon of grace and elegance, whose very name is synonymous with “elegance.”

Throughout the film, the audacious actions of fraudsters are met with playful yet elegant responses, executed with the finesse of professional pranksters. It powerfully conveys the message that no one is powerless, and anyone can master the art of rebuffing fraudsters when armed with knowledge about the four critical questions that should never be answered. The narrative culminates by bestowing the title “Tolak dengan Anggun,” signifying “Declining Elegantly,” and propelling it into a movement of significance.

The heartwarming #TibaTibaTenang Ramadan Campaign, featuring the legendary Indonesian actress Christine Hakim, not only tugged at our heartstrings but also secured a prestigious place in the ‘Best of Festive’ and ‘Best of Indonesia’ categories.

This film underlines the playful wordplay of “tiba” (come) to “tiba-tiba” (sudden/unexpected), inspired by the widely popular song “Ramadan Tiba,” which resonates ubiquitously throughout the month. The circulating parodies of the song on social media further magnify its relevance to these phenomena.

In Indonesia, where Islam stands as the predominant religion, Ramadan has evolved into one of the grandest events in the country. To heighten the festive spirit, this occasion serves as a unique opportunity to reconnect with family members, former colleagues, childhood friends, and even long-lost acquaintances, resulting in a sudden and hectic schedule brimming with unexpected Iftar (break-fast) invitations. Sudden offline reunions, impromptu meal preparations, and suddenly, it’s Eid Al Fitr, a time when everyone is overwhelmed by these sudden needs. As the ultimate solution, BCA mobile seamlessly addresses it all.

And suddenly, we find ourselves riding the wave of Indonesia’s legendary actress, Christine Hakim. She, known for her maternal, wise, and serious roles, has never graced a commercial platform, until now, when she took on a role that is both panicky and comedic. This unexpected turn of events drew significant attention during the pinnacle of Ramadan, resulting in a substantial impact for BCA mobile.

Flock and BCA pick up three awards at the Southeast Asian YouTube Awards Flock and BCA pick up three awards at the Southeast Asian YouTube Awards