Havas Singapore launches bespoke Havas Play

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Havas Singapore launches bespoke Havas Play

Havas Media Network Singapore has officially launched Havas Play, Havas’ global network focused on capturing consumer attention and driving business impact through meaningful experiences at the crossroads of entertainment, sports, technology, and fandom. Havas Play’s primary mission is to help brands harness the power of fans and their passions. Leveraging existing talent and Vivendi’s position as a global leader in entertainment, Havas Play’s core services encompass partnerships, influencer marketing, sponsorships, social media activation and amplification, and branded content.


Having launched across Havas’ major markets including Australia, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Spain, Italy, China, Hong Kong, Germany, LATAM and NEC, Havas Play has driven impactful activations for esteemed clients such as Puma, L’Enfant Blue, Axa and HARMAN. Now, Havas Play extends its bespoke capabilities into Singapore.

Jacqui Lim, CEO of Havas Media Network Singapore & Chief Growth Officer SEA & North Asia, said: “We are thrilled to launch Havas Play under the leadership of Kenny Yap, Managing Director of Socialyse & Red Havas, who will now take on an expanded remit to lead and drive the growth of this new integrated solutions in Singapore. We have been steadily growing our media, social, content, influencers & activation services over the years through Havas Media Network & Socialyse. Now with Havas Play, we are going to double down on our promise of delivering meaningful consumer experiences through a wide foray of channels such as partnerships, gaming, experiential events and more. Through leveraging insights from both Havas and Vivendi, as well as harnessing the top talents and expertise within the vast Havas Media Network, we will create an unparalleled competitive advantage. Havas Play will play a pivotal role in connecting brands with their audience’s passions, forging authentic connections that leave lasting impressions through entertainment and engagement.”

Commenting on some of the recent work launched by Havas Play, Kenny Yap said: “We are proud to share that Havas Play demonstrated its ability in driving influential campaigns, as seen in recent collaborations with clients such as Domino’s Pizza and Brompton.

“To celebrate the production of its one millionth iconic folding bike, Brompton commemorated this historic milestone by embarking on a global tour as part of the company’s ‘All Together Different’ campaign. Singapore played a pivotal role in this global tour, and the Havas Play team in Singapore collaborated closely with the brand, helping with on-ground activations, including a community ride-out that brought together over 400 Brompton enthusiasts (pictured).

“Furthermore, the Havas Play team joined forces with Domino’s Pizza Singapore to create a buzz around Taylor Swift’s ticket queues earlier this year. People queuing overnight at various Singpost offices were pleasantly surprised with Tay-sty pizzas! This heartfelt gesture not only won praise from numerous netizens but also captured the attention of news platforms like Mothership and MustShareNews.

“We strongly believe that increasingly, brands are looking to build meaningful connections with their audiences through the right context, communities and content.”

The Asia Pacific (APAC) region stands as the world’s most advanced digital economy, fueled by widespread smartphone adoption. APAC boasts over 1.7 billion gamers, making it the world’s largest gaming market. The region is an early and enthusiastic adopter of nascent technologies such as AI and Web3. Its unique position spans established markets and emerging opportunities, influencing trends on a global scale.

In addition to economic advancements, APAC’s rich cultural landscape shapes consumer choices. Consumers have a growing demand for stories that resonate with individual tastes and cultural backgrounds, with Havas’ landmark Meaningful Brands survey finding that 60% of brand content lacks meaning for consumers and 73% of consumers seek brands that contribute positively to society. Havas Play harnesses passions in entertainment, sports, tech, and fandom, creating meaningful experiences that authentically capture attention and drive lasting business impact.