“Spotlighting the brave” is the theme for the Inaugural Singapore AdMarCom Festival 2024

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“Spotlighting the brave” is the theme for the Inaugural Singapore AdMarCom Festival 2024

The highly anticipated Inaugural Singapore AdMarCom Festival 2024 organised by the Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore (AAMS) is set to spotlight the industry’s bravest and most unconventional minds. This year’s festival will be a momentous occasion that unites professionals, students, and industry veterans.


The 2024 festival promises to be a gathering of “misfits” in the best possible sense, those who are brave enough to defy convention and embrace innovation. It is a celebration that marks the beginning of 2024 with a resounding BANG!

The theme for this year’s festival, “Spotlighting the brave,” is a call to action for individuals who simply don’t care who fortune favours. This year’s event is all about coming together as one united community, regardless of background or status, to celebrate and ignite creativity in the Advertising, Marketing, and Communications field.

Goh Shu Fen, President of the Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore, said: “The Singapore AdMarcom Festival 2024 is THE platform for our community of practitioners to celebrate craft, inspire new ideas and elevate marketing. Our theme of “Spotlighting The Brave” is a rally for people at all levels, from students to veterans, to experience the power of creativity in driving innovations and breaking new grounds for our society and economy.”

A Confluence of Prestigious Awards and Remarkable Talent
The Singapore AdMarCom Festival 2024 hosted at MAX Atria @ Expo is no ordinary event; it’s the convergence of three industry awards:
The Crowbar Awards
Singapore Media & Marketing Awards (SMMA)
The Creative Circle Awards (GONG)

These three awards will run concurrently, leading to a magnificent dinner event. The night will feature inspiring keynote speakers and the esteemed Senior Minister of State, Tan Kiat How. To cap off this extraordinary evening, the Hall of Fame awards will be brought back to life in a grand finale.

Eat, Drink, Network, and Celebrate
The festival promises an unforgettable experience, with booths, an abundance of refreshments, and a myriad of industry personnel eager to connect. It’s the ultimate celebration of the industry, where you can dine, imbibe, and network with peers, mentors, and newcomers. Join us for an evening that unites the past, present, and future of the AdMarCom industry.

“I’m thrilled to announce the what will be the biggest Show in Singapore’s AdMarcom history!! This year, and for the first time, we have brought together 4 of the best events in the industry, merging The Crowbar Awards, Singapore Media & Marketing Awards (SMMA), The Creative Circle Awards (GONG), and to top it all, the new HALL OF FAME into one big extravaganza! We are proud to present you the first ever Singapore AdMarCom Festival, January 18th 2024!!! A bonanza event which celebrates the BEST of talent and innovative minds that continue to drive our industry forward each year! So lock that date in and join us for a day and night of networking, awards, recognition and pure Celebration!!! It’s an event you cannot afford to miss,” says Bernard Chan, CEO of the Association of Advertising & Marketing Singapore.

Tickets for the Singapore AdMarCom Festival 2024 are available starting from the 30th of October. Early bird ticket sales end 30th November. Secure your spot early, learn more and be a part of this extraordinary event by visiting the official festival website at admarcomfest.sg.

This sensational event offers exceptional visibility for sponsors. For sponsorship opportunities and inquiries, please contact Geoff at geoff@aams.org.sg.