Shooting ad magic in New Zealand

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Shooting ad magic in New Zealand

A Q&A with Film Construction’s Executive Producer, Belinda Bradley, on why New Zealand shines bright as the location of choice for global agencies and production companies.


New Zealand has long been a sought-after destination for advertising and film production, attracting international agencies and production companies with its breathtaking landscapes, skilled talent, and excellent value. In this exclusive Q&A session with Belinda Bradley, EP at Film Construction, we explore why New Zealand is a top choice for shooting ads, the cost advantages, crew and facilities, and the considerations for cast diversity in this captivating island nation.

CB: What sort of campaigns get shot in New Zealand, and why do they choose New Zealand?
Belinda Bradley: New Zealand can transform into almost any location globally. The diverse landscapes provide a stunning backdrop for a wide range of advertising content. From lush forests to pristine beaches, towering mountains, and urban cityscapes. The country’s unique visual appeal, combined with its accessibility and experienced local crews, make it an attractive destination for a broad spectrum of ad campaigns.

Agencies and production companies choose New Zealand for its unmatched natural beauty, minimal red tape, and the ability to execute complex shots efficiently. Moreover, the country’s excellent infrastructure, creative talent, and collaborative industry environment have solidified its status as a go-to destination for many international productions.

Shooting ad magic in New Zealand

CB: What are the cost advantages of shooting in New Zealand?
Bradley: Shooting in New Zealand can be surprisingly cost-effective for international agencies and production companies. Compared to many other countries, New Zealand’s currency exchange rates and lower production costs provide significant financial advantages.

Moreover, the country’s relatively compact size means you can access a diverse range of locations without extensive travel expenses. You can easily get between a beach and an alpine ski field, visit a dairy farm, and then shoot in a downtown office building. All within close proximity. This cost efficiency allows agencies and production companies to allocate more of their budget to creative aspects of the project.

Shooting ad magic in New Zealand Shooting ad magic in New Zealand

CB: What about crew and facilities in New Zealand?
Bradley: New Zealand boasts a highly skilled and adaptable pool of crew members who are well-versed in international productions. The industry in New Zealand is well-established, with experienced professionals in various departments, including cinematography, production design, and post-production. This ensures that any creative vision can be brought to life with a top-notch team.

New Zealand also offers state-of-the-art facilities, such as studios, equipment rental companies, and post-production houses, making it convenient for international productions to access the necessary resources without compromising on quality.

Shooting ad magic in New Zealand

CB: What considerations are there for cast diversity, including asian and ethnic variety?
Bradley: New Zealand is a melting pot of cultures, and this diversity extends to its talent pool. The country has a variety of actors and models from different ethnic backgrounds, including Asian talent, which can be vital for campaigns targeting a diverse audience or requiring authentic representation. As well, Auckland is the biggest Polynesian city in the world.

Our industry is increasingly sensitive to the importance of cast diversity, and New Zealand’s commitment to inclusivity ensures you can find the talent needed to connect with your audience authentically. We continually strive to represent all cultures and backgrounds in our projects.

Shooting ad magic in New Zealand

CB: What sets Film Construction apart in the production service market?
Bradley: Film Construction has a unique edge in the production service market. It’s important to point out we are not just Service Providers or Fixers. We are a functioning Production House with our own strong roster of talented Directors and Photographers. So we can host visiting Directors or help out with talent from our roster if needed.

Our experience is a key advantage, too. With a 27-year history in the industry, we’ve honed our problem-solving skills to tackle even the most complex challenges that productions may encounter. We’ve built an extensive network of connections to A-grade crew members in every department, ensuring that we assemble the best teams for our clients’ projects.

And it’s all based around our park side office in Eden Terrace, strategically located on the edge of the CBD. We’ve hosted production companies and agencies from all around the world. And our proximity to Ponsonby Road’s vibrant restaurant and shopping district is a definite bonus.

Our knowledge of New Zealand’s finest restaurants and local gems ensures our clients have an exceptional experience while working with us. Creating a memorable and enjoyable production environment is essential to delivering outstanding results. Our experience, industry connections, and local expertise set Film Construction apart.

Shooting ad magic in New Zealand

CB: What about remote production capability?
Bradley: We have some of the world’s top remote production facilities, which allow clients to be virtually present in the decision-making process from anywhere on the globe. We’ve proven this over and over. This technology not only offers convenience but also contributes to reducing carbon footprints, aligning with our commitment to eco-friendly shoots. Minimising unnecessary travel ensures that our productions are as efficient and environmentally responsible as possible.

New Zealand’s appeal to agencies and production companies is undeniable. The stunning landscapes, cost advantages, experienced crews, and diverse talent pool make it a top choice for producing captivating and effective ad campaigns. This unique little country indeed packs a punch when it comes to value and creativity in the world of advertising and film production.

Shooting ad magic in New Zealand