FCN – Finch creates “Experiencing Life Together” campaign for Indonesian telco, XL Axiata

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Indonesia’s second-largest telecommunications company, XL Axiata, has officially launched its 2023 project, “Experiencing Life Together” a.k.a Bersama Kita Nikmati Keseruan Hidup in Bahasa, as a natural extension of the acclaimed “We Are More” campaign. This initiative is the result of a strategic partnership with Finch and features collaborations with prominent influencers, including Vidi Aldiano, Yasmin Napper, Dyland PROS, and Devina Hermawan, each of whom brings a unique perspective to the campaign.


Guided by comprehensive consumer data analysis, XL is unwavering in its commitment to prioritizing the best interests of its customers. We are dedicated to challenging stereotypes and reshaping the concept of family activities to remain pertinent to our target audience.

In this campaign, XL and Finch (part of FCN Creative) introduce an innovative and daring strategy that leverages the personal involvement of our Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) in the products they represent. By working hand in hand, both companies have meticulously crafted bespoke packages designed to cater to the interests of Young Progressive Indonesian Families. This campaign offers an unprecedented opportunity for Indonesian families to come together and experience life as one.

Kenny Kristiano, Brand Manager of XL Prepaid, said: “The idea behind this campaign is to create a deep connection with our target audience of Young Progressive Indonesian Families in today’s ever-evolving society.”

With a primary focus on the dynamic demographic of Young Progressive Indonesian Families, XL aims to emphasize the limitless potential for family members to thrive, even while pursuing their diverse individual interests. Furthermore, XL offers tailor-made packages that address the specific needs and concerns of all consumers while preserving the warmth and essence of family life.

Lembu Wiworo Jati, Executive Creative Director at Finch, said: “These individuals serve as role models whom we believe Indonesian families genuinely admire.”

These initiatives go beyond the ordinary, encompassing collaborations with influencers, a music platform, F&B tenants, the game industry, and a streaming platform, offering a holistic approach to meet the needs and interests of Indonesian families.

These partnerships reflect XL’s unwavering commitment to providing a next-level experience that resonates with families on a profound level. By going beyond mere wants and addressing genuine needs, XL aims to ensure that each family can access precisely what caters to their unique interests.

FCN – Finch creates “Experiencing Life Together” campaign for Indonesian telco, XL Axiata FCN – Finch creates “Experiencing Life Together” campaign for Indonesian telco, XL Axiata