Grey India and AutumnGrey India shine a new light on Diwali this year for Luminous

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Luminous Power Technologies, one of India’s leading energy solutions brands, has taken their philosophy of illuminating lives to the masses this Diwali via a new campaign from Grey India/AutumnGrey Bangalore. The campaign was launched with a film that highlights the difference such gestures can make in the lives of those around us.


The campaign beautifully captures the essence of Diwali and stresses the importance of spreading light and happiness in the lives of others. Especially those who light up our lives all year round, perhaps at times without even us noticing it. Luminous urges India to make this Diwali about celebrating the spirit of giving and making a real difference in someone’s life.

The agency partnered with director, Deepti Nangia to bring the film to life.

“Power Cuts are real in India, and living in larger homes with inverters and solar solutions, we sometimes miss seeing a reality. Many of us already help with fees and clothes, but our extended family requires a bit more power in their lives. I am glad we could partner with Luminous on this Diwali vision.” says Anusha Shetty, Chairperson and Group CEO Grey Group India.

Neelima Burra, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer at Luminous Power Technologies, said: “Luminous has always been at the forefront of innovation and social responsibility. The #ILLUMINATINGLIVES campaign highlights our deep commitment to lighting up not only homes but also lives to dream bigger and achieve higher. In a country where long power outages are common, we remain dedicated to lighting up lives in India. This Diwali, let us join hands to express our gratitude and spread the joy of giving. Together, we can make this Diwali truly special by spreading light, happiness, and hope, ensuring that the light of progress reaches everyone, even in the darkest hours.”

The online digital film released for the national audience summarizes this beautiful emotion- “kisi ki zindagi roshan karne se hi toh banti hai” (This is the best way to brighten someone’s life). Happy Diwali!

Brand: Luminous Power Technologies Private Limited
Agency: Grey Group India / AutumnGrey India
Chief Creative Officer: Sandipan Bhattacharyya
Agency campaign team: Atul Pathak, Akshay Crasta, Abhishek Bagchi, Avaneesh R , Dhanashree Vishwanath, Kanan Binu, Karan Venkatesh, Nishanth AR, Nishant Sethi, Piyush Kumar, Sharmila Dutta , Sandhya Gurung and Vaishnavi Shetty

Grey India and AutumnGrey India shine a new light on Diwali this year for Luminous Grey India and AutumnGrey India shine a new light on Diwali this year for Luminous