Cheil India’s new campaign for Samsung features Indian stars expressing their flip side

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Cheil India’s new campaign for Samsung’s Galaxy Z series features Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani and Neeraj Chopra who all express their flip side as they break out from the expected, obvious and the flat to unfold a more flexible and functional smartphone experience.


The campaign including multiple digital films shows the celebs explore a more fun and flexible side of their smartphone experience with the Galaxy Z Flip5 and the Z Fold5. Galaxy foldables have been gaining immense popularity, revolutionizing the foldable phone market and showcasing the potential of the new form factors by moving away from traditional bar-type smartphones.

Now with Dhawan, Advani and Chopra leading the narrative, the campaign is a testament of the unique smartphone experience that Galaxy foldables offer.

Aditya Babbar, Senior Director, Mobile Business, Samsung India, said: “Our Galaxy Z Flip5 phone has all the makings of a device which resonates with Gen Z and Millennials. It has a future ready design powered with top of the line specifications and software making it a powerhouse in the category. Its state of the art features enable creators and trendsetters to capture their experiences in the best possible manner making this device their numero uno choice. We are happy that leading trendsetters, Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani and Neeraj Chopra have also shown their love for the foldables and we are elated to welcome this trio in their journey to the world of Galaxy foldables”.

The films showcase this trio getting enticed by their new Galaxy Z Flip5 and Z Fold5 devices and ditching their old phones to join the flip side. Each set up is unique to the life of the trendsetter and shows how effortlessly the foldables with their advanced features fit into their lives and make it better.

Vikash Chemjong, CCO, Cheil India, said: “The overarching thought was to show how even celebrities are finding the flip side irresistible. Each celebrity with their distinct personalities discovers that the new Galaxy Z foldable fits into their life effortlessly and gives them new found freedom and flexibility.”

Srijib Mallik, Head of Business- Samsung, at Cheil India, said: “We are trying to build a singular narrative for Galaxy foldable phones that they represent the new world which is limitless and flexible. Having Varun, Kiara and Neeraj on board allows us to flex this narrative in a manner which lands positively with Gen Z and millennials”.

Varun Dhawan is an avid gamer and he talks about his love for the new Galaxy Z Fold5 since it allows him to game on the go and make the most of the big screen.

In another film, Kiara Advani expresses her fondness for the new Galaxy Z Flip5 as it allows her to click selfies, wefies from unique angles using the FlexCam.

India’s golden boy, Neeraj Chopra, also shares how his new Galaxy Z Fold5 with its multi-tasking features matches up to his need for excellence.

Cheil India – Agency
Vikash Chemjong – CCO
Kaushik Dutta – ECD
Madhumita Deb – Group Creative Director
Hariharan Subramanian – Senior Creative Director
Srishti Seth – Copy Supervisor
Asim Hussain – Art Director
Shubham Bisht – Senior Art Director
Rishabh Bhardwaj – Creative Director
Sourav Ray – Chief Strategy officer
Megha Deorani – General Manager, Strategic Planning
Archita Ghosh – Associate Planning Director
Srijib Malik- Head of Business-Samsung
Atif Rahman – Senior VP
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