Ogilvy + Hogarth Singapore release new Kellogg’s Indonesian campaign shot by SSF’s Sam Bennetts


Seven Sunday Films has shot a new Kellogg’s campaign for Ogilvy Singapore and Hogarth Singapore. Sam Bennetts directed the campaign which targets the Indonesian market.


The collaboration between Seven Sunday Films, Ogilvy Singapore, Hogarth Singapore and Kellogg’s signifies a strategic move to enhance the brand’s presence and resonance in Southeast Asia. By leveraging the expertise of seasoned professionals like Sam Bennetts, Kellogg’s aims to create commercials that not only showcase their products but also tell compelling stories that resonate with the region’s vibrant culture.

Afeeq Nadzrin, the Executive Producer of Seven Sunday Films, said: “Creating commercials is like crafting magic spells; each frame, each scene, weaves a tale that lingers in the imagination. With Sam Bennetts’ creativity and our team’s passion, we’re not just selling cereal; we’re serving up slices of joy and laughter for breakfast, making mornings brighter!”

Fabian Sommer, Head Of Moving Image, HOGP – Hogarth, said: “This is the first time we’ve produced for the client in the Indonesia market. It was a very smooth production overall and we are happy to have collaborated with some amazing people for this project.”

Post-production company 3Deers Studio assisted with the CG of the film and graded by Katie Dymmock of The Mill.

Client: Kellogg’s
Agency: Ogilvy Singapore & Hogarth Singapore
Group CEO, Ogilvy Singapore & Malaysia: Kunal Jeswani
Vice President: Jeremy Webb
Creative Director: Aritra Dutta
Associate Creative Director: Bruno Andrade
Head Of Moving Image, HOGP: Fabian Sommers
Producer: Renee Lim
Production House: Seven Sunday Films

Executive Producer: Afeeq Nadzrin
Film Director: Sam Bennetts
Producer: Selvi Cahyani
Line Producer: Giovanni Suteja
Production Assistant: Fakhri Fadhilah, Sean Kevin, Phoebe Shohan
Post-Producer: Yandani Wijaya
Director Of Photography: Sven Lippold
Art Director: Dicky Kadarhariyawan
Wardrobe Stylist: Putu Agus
Post-Production Offline Editor: Rakesh Siva
Grading: The Mill
Online & CG: 3Deers
Studio Music: The Rec Room

Ogilvy + Hogarth Singapore release new Kellogg’s Indonesian campaign shot by SSF’s Sam Bennetts