IPG Mediabrands launches My Bot, a powerful artificial intelligence chat assistant

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IPG Mediabrands launches My Bot, a powerful artificial intelligence chat assistant

IPG Mediabrands has launched a new AI chat assistant – My Bot – to optimize internal workplace productivity and enhance its employees’ workstyles through gen AI technology powered by Google Cloud.


My Bot, which was built by the product team within KINESSO, the performance marketing unit within IPG Mediabrands, leverages Google’s PaLM 2 language model. The proprietary tool, with enterprise security that safeguards intellectual property through the entire workstream, is exclusive to IPG Mediabrands, and has been rolled out to its people globally.

The new supercharged assistant is designed with specificity to augment skills for day-to-day tasks, making it easier for IPG Mediabrands employees to manage multiple projects and workflows more effectively. Its capabilities include intuitive task management support, ranging from conducting project brainstorming to creating meeting agendas. As a built-in and user-friendly partner, My Bot makes space for human creative ideas and strategy creation to happen simultaneously and better adapts to user needs with time. Language comprehension capabilities enable My Bot to break down barriers and drive inclusivity as it can fluently interact in more than 38 different languages globally.

This news follows the recent announcement that IPG Mediabrands has partnered with Google Cloud to leverage its gen AI technology in product development. My Bot is considered an important step in offering superior value for clients and optimizing performance with technological intelligence.

“We couldn’t be more excited to launch our first of what will be many products leveraging gen AI, [with the support of Google Cloud,]” said Graham Wilkinson (pictured), Chief Innovation Officer of KINESSO. “My Bot will take our workplace capabilities to new heights without compromising the humanity and thoughtfulness of our client-centric approach.”

The launch of My Bot underscores IPG Mediabrands’ commitment to continue pushing boundaries to redefine AI’s limitless potential in shaping the future of the advertising industry.