BBDO’s Tay Guan Hin launches new book, ‘Collide’: Embracing Conflict to Boost Creativity

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BBDO’s Tay Guan Hin launches new book, ‘Collide’: Embracing Conflict to Boost Creativity

BBDO Asia has announced the launch of “Collide: Embracing Conflict to Boost Creativity,” an illustrative book by Tay Guan Hin, the Creative Chairman of BBDO Singapore. The book is now a bestseller on Amazon less than 24 hours after its release.


“Conflict is the primary engine of creativity and innovation. People don’t learn by staring into a mirror; people learn by encountering differences.” – Ronald A. Heifetz.

“Collide” offers a provocative yet enlightening perspective on creativity and innovation, advocating that Conflict is inevitable and essential for true advancement and collaboration. Guan Hin demonstrates through this book how the fusion of conflicting ideas can spark groundbreaking innovations. The book features over 120 black-and-white illustrations that visually guide the reader through the transformative power of creative Conflict. Readers will learn how to harness Conflict as a tool for creativity, transforming challenges into creative opportunities.

Foreword by Merlee Jayme, CHAIRMOM, Founder of The MISFITS CAMP/Former Chief Creative Officer at Dentsu Creative APAC/CNN Leading Women and featuring exclusive interviews with Fredrik Haren, The Creativity Explorer/Creativity and Innovation Speaker/Best-selling Author, David Guerrero, Creative Chairman BBDO Guerrero, Valerie Madon, CCO, APAC McCann Worldgroup, Thomas Hong-tack Kim, CCO Paulus/International Board of Director One Club for Creativity, Matt Eastwood, Founder, Gestalt Haus/Formerly Worldwide Chief Creative Officer of J. Walter Thompson, Ng Ming Wei, CEO Boom Digital Media/Forbes 30 Under 30, Joe Braithwaite, Head of Creative Works, Southeast Asia, Google and many more.

BBDO’s Tay Guan Hin launches new book, ‘Collide’: Embracing Conflict to Boost Creativity

Tay Guan Hin, with his extensive experience in leading creative teams for major brands and his role as the first Asian Cannes Lion Jury President for Outdoor, has crafted a book that is not just a theoretical exploration but a practical roadmap for enhancing creativity and problem-solving skills. The book is a must-read for innovators, business executives, entrepreneurs, students, or anyone looking to unlock their creative potential.

Endorsed by industry leaders:

Paul Kemp-Robertson, Chief Content Officer at LIONS, Co-Founder at Contagious, Co-Author of The Contagious Commandments, said: “It’s not just a book about ideas; it’s a roadmap for implementing them. The techniques for problem-solving and enhancing creativity are presented practically and inspirationally, making the art of embracing Conflict accessible to a broad audience. Guan presents a compelling case for the indispensable role of innovation in various aspects of life and work. Through a rich tapestry of examples drawn from marketing, business, and the lives of renowned inventors, scientists, and philosophers, the book persuasively argues that creative innovation is not just for artists but is a crucial skill for business executives and entrepreneurs.”

‘This book is extremely helpful. And at the same time, a sacrilege! Because it reveals all the secrets that creative people have and teaches how to be creative. Thanks to Guan, it is now possible for any intelligent person to have great creative ideas themselves. He reveals all the techniques, regardless of himself and others who live on creative ideas. Now, joking aside, it’s a wonderful book worth reading for creative people because it opens up completely new worlds—many thanks for this enlightening masterpiece,” says Doerte Spengler-Ahrens, Chief Creative Officer, Jung von Matt SAGA, Art Directors Club President.

Andrew Robertson, President & CEO, BBDO Worldwide, said: “Collide is more than a guide; it’s an invitation to break the barriers to our creativity. And when I say “break”, I mean “break”.

“Guan Hin brilliantly encapsulates what it means to be a true innovator: embracing the messiness of creative Conflict to pursue breakthrough thinking. The book’s dedication to fearless innovators mirrors my journey—from steering the marketing strategies at BMW Asia to establishing my own award-winning business. As someone who has faced considerable challenges, I resonate with the message that the path to innovation is fraught with obstacles, but overcoming these truly defines a phoenix-like spirit.”
-Sonja Piontek, CSP, Former Director of Marketing BMW Asia, Best Selling Author, Award Winning Thought Leader, Acclaimed Global Keynote Speaker.

Troy Ruhanen, President & CEO, TBWA/Worldwide, said: “Collide empowers readers to harness their creativity in groundbreaking ways. A must-read for innovators everywhere!”

Published by Penguin Random House South East Asia, “Collide: Embracing Conflict to Boost Creativity” is available for purchase online on Amazon SG, with delivery options to Singapore and Malaysia. It will also be available on and in select bookstores, including Kinokuniya Singapore/MY, Epigram, Wardah, and Book Bar.

For more information about the book and purchase options, click here

The book is currently only available for shipping to Singapore and Malaysia. International shipment via Amazon is scheduled to commence in mid-February.

BBDO’s Tay Guan Hin launches new book, ‘Collide’: Embracing Conflict to Boost Creativity BBDO’s Tay Guan Hin launches new book, ‘Collide’: Embracing Conflict to Boost Creativity BBDO’s Tay Guan Hin launches new book, ‘Collide’: Embracing Conflict to Boost Creativity