Samsung opens a portal to a new galaxy at Las Vegas Sphere with BBH Singapore

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Leading up to Galaxy Unpacked and in conjunction with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Samsung has partnered with BBH Singapore on an epic takeover of the Sphere (Exosphere) in Las Vegas on January 8.


Featuring Doctor Strange from Marvel Studios’ “What If…?”, all episodes now streaming only on Disney+, it teased a new era for mobile and provided a glimpse of an upcoming feature that will allow users to make epic discoveries just by drawing circles. Just as Doctor Strange discovers new portals of endless possibilities, the new Galaxy capabilities will enable discovery in a whole new way.

“Like the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Galaxy users will have a multiverse of possibilities at their fingertips. They’ll be able to open new worlds with the simplest of actions. Everything will change, just like that,” says Sascha Kuntze, Chief Creative Officer at BBH Singapore.

This spectacular Sphere display comes after Samsung released an official teaser announcing the impending arrival of Galaxy AI. Called ‘Galaxy AI is Coming’, this was also produced with BBH Singapore.

All will be revealed at Galaxy Unpacked, a biannual event unveiling Samsung Electronics’ newest devices, including smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Catch it live on January 17 at 2024_yt.

After Galaxy Unpacked, a series of films developed by BBH Singapore will be released globally over the coming weeks.

Creative Agency: BBH Singapore
Production House: The Mill Los Angeles
Audio House: Fuse Adventures in Audio