M&C Saatchi Indonesia rebrands to Moonfolks following recent management buyout

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M&C Saatchi Indonesia rebrands to Moonfolks following recent management buyout

Following Anish Daryani’s acquisition of M&C Saatchi Indonesia, the agency has rebranded itself as Moonfolks, effective 24th January on the agency’s 6th anniversary.


Moonfolks will be led by its co-founders, Anish Daryani (President Director and CEO), Dami Sidharta (Chief Creative Officer) and Elki Hendra (Chief Strategy & Digital Officer).

Daryani said the inspiration behind Moonfolks is that in an AI-driven world, ideas out-of-the-box aren’t good enough.

“We need ideas out-of-this-world. The agency aims to take brands to new heights and our vision is to be one of the most effective agencies in the world,” said Daryani.

He said the agency’s purpose is to “Make Audacious Possible” by helping brands achieve the impossible.

To meet this end, the agency has created an “Accelerated Commerce” model, whereby all agency services are directed towards generating commerce for clients, delivering higher ROAS (Return on ad spend). The services, according to the agency’s newly launched website, www.moonfolks.com, include the following:

1. Moonfolks Advertising that translates Brand Purpose to Commerce
2. Moonfolks Digital that converts Content to Commerce
3. Moonfolks Shopex that transcends Shopper and Brand Experience to Commerce
4. Moonfolks PR that elevates Brand Reputation to commerce.

The advertising services are co-led by business directors, Dyah Ariani and Femmy Cowell; alongside Dami Sidharta as Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer and Yogi Tara as Executive Creative Director.

The digital services are led by Muhammad Elki Hendria, Chief Strategy and Digital Officer.

The shopper and brand experience services are led by Business Director, Aji Harsono.

The PR services are led by Anish Daryani in the interim, while a high profile hire has been made and will be joining the agency soon.

The agency has also announced the launch of its internal content production unit, Goosebump Pictures, led by Executive Producer, Irma Rahmawaty.

Moonfolks Authentic Intelligence is another solution the agency has launched, riding on. Gen-AI expertise to create high volumes of content with a distinct cost advantage for clients.

Following the acquisition, the agency’s holding company in Singapore has also undergone a name change from M&C Saatchi Holdings Asia Pte. Ltd. to Mirabilia Media Holdings Pte. Ltd. (Mirabilia is the plural for Miracles. It symbolizes a series of miracles or occurrences that inspire marvelous wonder and awe.)

Likewise, the agency’s legal entity in Indonesia has been renamed from PT. MCS Saatchi Indonesia to PT. Mirabilia Media Indonesia.

The company retains all business licenses and tax papers, in line with the acquisition. There is complete continuity of business, where the agency retains all client, talent and partner contracts.

Moonfolks employs over a hundred staff. The rebranding does not affect any significant changes to the team.

Daryani said: “We’ve had tremendous success as M&C Saatchi Indonesia. And we’ll take that several notches higher as we relaunch the agency with the freedom that comes with our independence. We will be more agile and fluid in our approach, and build further on the values we have created over the past 6 years.

“Moonfolks has all the ingredients for success. A loyal and satisfied client base, a fun-loving culture that embraces DEI, a talent-centric approach to business and an environment that encourages people to do their life’s best work. The industry is going to feel our impact in Indonesia, and across the region.”

Sidharta said: “We’re taking our second-first step. But unlike our first-first, it won’t just be the three of us. We have some of the brightest minds in the industry with us this time around and we’ll get to where we want to be a lot sooner. It’ll be very exciting every step of the way.”

Hendria added:, “Our goal is clear: not only do we curate compelling ideas and content, but we’re committed to crafting narratives that not only captivate but also catalyse commerce. We are here to redefine the boundaries of possibility, making audacious goals strategically achievable in an AI driven world”.

Moonfolks might also be the first agency to have an office on the moon. The agency has acquired land on the moon through the Cosmic Register.

Current clients of M&C Saatchi Indonesia include PermataBank, Bytedance, Sampoerna – Phillip Morris, Tempo Scan Group, Unilever, Kimia Farma, Mundipharma, Mastercard, Grab, LG, Pertamina, Kemenperekraf (Wonderful Indonesia), Asian Paints, Adaro Energy, Ismaya Group and Astra Credit Company, among others.

M&C Saatchi Indonesia rebrands to Moonfolks following recent management buyout