Apple releases highly-anticipated Chinese New Year film via TBWAMedia Arts Lab Shanghai

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Now in its seventh year, Apple celebrates Chinese New Year with a Shot on iPhone film developed by TBWAMedia Arts Lab Shanghai, that sends a poignant message spanning far beyond China.


During a moment of celebration and reflection, Apple welcomes the year of the Dragon by telling the story of a young girl battling with her insecurities and how she is able to overcome them on her own. Titled “Little Garlic,” the film and Apple send a timely message addressing the insecurity felt by Gen Z in China.

Apple brings together an illustrious team of movie industry professionals to tell this story though the lens of iPhone 15 Pro Max.  Hollywood director Marc Webb, Chinese star Fan Wei, and acclaimed writer Pan Yiran elevate the production with their vast experience. Meanwhile emerging talents like Cecile Zhang, director of photography, and Li Anran, art director, use key iPhone 15 Pro Max features, including 5x optical zoom, Action mode, and Cinematic mode, to delicately and creatively bring the issue of insecurity to life through film.

Accompanying the film is a behind-the-scenes video featuring cast and crew to showcase how the film was made with iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The film will appear on broadcast, digital, social media.

Agency: TBWAMedia Arts Lab Shanghai 
Production: Radical US, M Production Shanghai
Director: Marc Webb
Screenwriter: Pan Yiran
Art Director: Li Anran
Director of Photography: Cecile Zhang
Music: Varqa Buehrer