Super Bowl ads: Expert predictions + why 2024 poses more challenges than ever before

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Super Bowl ads: Expert predictions + why 2024 poses more challenges than ever before

With 30-second advertising slots expected to cost around $7m and an increasing difficulty to stand out from the crowd, Super Bowl advertising campaigns hold higher stakes than ever before. Steve Vinall at Bynder, a global leader in enterprise digital asset management (DAM), has released comments on how a Super Bowl advertising campaign is more complex than ever before.


Higher costs & expectations

Says Vinall: “The media landscape surrounding the Super Bowl is completely different than it was 10 years ago. Looking at advertising costs alone, we have seen an 84% increase in advertising costs since 2013 for a 30-second slot at the Super Bowl, reflecting the increased viewership and notoriety of the advertising event.

“Super Bowl adverts also provide the opportunity for a brand’s campaign to be talked about for years to come. However, as every year goes by the landscape becomes more saturated, meaning it’s more difficult than ever for brands to stand out from the crowd. This dichotomy puts more pressure than ever before on advertisers to pack a punch with their campaign.

“This means we can expect to see advertisers maximising the impact of their advertising campaigns via – social channels. I predict there will be hundreds of additional assets as part of the Super Bowl campaigns, created, transformed and optimised for different social media platforms, pushed before, during and after the event.”

How consumers interact with content 

Says Vinall: “We know that there will be consumers who may not tune into the Super Bowl anymore, but simply love engaging with the online content and getting to still feel involved with the social commentary surrounding it.

“A great example of a brand understanding and adapting to the modern day consumer is Popcorners – so it’s no wonder that they were the most searched-for ad from 2023. They released teasers for their campaign on social media in the build up to the event to generate excitement, and built up numerous Instagram posts to ensure their account was fully maximising the content.”

What we can expect in 2024

Continues Vinall: “In 2024 we will see brands creating more assets than ever before, to adapt to the modern consumer and the need to maximise the campaign. Ahead of the event, brands will likely begin to post teasers and build anticipation on social media and paid social posts. The Youtube video will be posted after the event, which will be fully optimised to attract viewers in years to come.”

Bynder’s Dynamic Asset Transformation (DAT) can help advertisers keep up with the ever-growing demand to create and distribute multiple assets during a campaign.

The Super Bowl is a great example of where this can save time and money, something which is particularly crucial when campaign stakes are high. DAT allows users to automate the transformation of assets to be suitable for various platforms, ensuring that they’re also optimised.

In addition to the saving in design and approval costs, Bynder’s customers have found that using DAT has improved page load times by 30%, leading to a 3% increase in sales.

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