Cupid gets a lesson on ‘Modern Love’ in MyMuse 2024 Valentine’s Day campaign

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Sexual wellness brand, MyMuse has taken on love’s biggest ambassador, Cupid, with its campaign, ‘Modern Love Needs Modern Solutions.’ The four spots were created in-house and executed by Mothership.


In this campaign, Cupid represents the age-old societal norms that enforce the fact that there’s only one right way to love. MyMuse understands that love and how people love and express it have changed. So, whether it’s choosing your own path, picking your own traditions (old or new), or choosing to settle down or stay single, MyMuse understands that there is no one-size-fits-all in modern love.

The brand has launched the campaign through a series of cheeky, 45-second films, in which showcase a well-meaning Cupid, desperately trying to get people together in the name of love using his age-old tricks. In an unsurprising turn of events, these attempts are rejected by people who prefer to find love and express it in their own way with the help of MyMuse products. This results in Cupid having a complete meltdown and questioning his life’s purpose. Each film ends with the tagline “Modern Love Needs Modern Solutions- Cupid doesn’t get it, MyMuse does.”

Anushka Gupta, Co-founder MyMuse, said: “From day 0 as a brand we’ve believed that love is multi-faceted. We get that love is nuanced, and people love in varied ways. And that is exactly what we wanted our campaign to amplify. Cupid to us, is ‘society’ – that one person in everyone’s life who gossips about your last breakup and judges your relationship choices, offering unsolicited, cookie-cutter advice. With these four films, we wanted to go all out and say that whether you choose to be single or celebrate your 25th anniversary on a cruise, opt for those one-night stands or a long-term relationship – You Do You. Either way, we’ve got you.”

“As a category builder brand, we’ve spent the last three years consistently building our community and working on customer education. When we looked at our data and brand engagement across touchpoints, we knew Indians across the board were excited about what we have to say and are ready for our products. More importantly, we’ve seen that people are ready to explore the wonderful world of pleasure, and that when it comes to love, one size doesn’t fit all.”

Apart from the brand films, MyMuse created a Cupid profile and launched a #cancelcupid campaign on LinkedIn, leveraging its employees as brand ambassadors.