DBS Bank India + FCB Interface release ‘Sounds of Budget,’ breaking down the 2024 Union Budget

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DBS Bank India + FCB Interface release ‘Sounds of Budget,’ breaking down the 2024 Union Budget

In line with the Union Budget 2024, DBS Bank India has launched a revamped edition of their innovative campaign “Sounds of Budget,” created by FCB Interface.


This is the fifth year that the bank will be running this annual, topical campaign that uses music to create engaging and educational content, targeted at enabling the younger demographic to comprehend the complexities of the Budget announcements. This year the digital campaign is being led by FCB Interface, Mumbai, who retained the goal to demystify the Union Budget, but updated the approach, using the power of music created with the help of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Despite being one of the most watched financial events every year, consumers can often find it hard to understand the implications of certain Budget announcements or find the technical terms a bit tricky to keep up with. Most digital campaigns that attempt to explain the Union Budget use static visuals or talking head videos on social media. The Sounds of the Budget campaign opts for a more compelling route by taking real-time updates from the finance minister’s announcements and transforming them into short-form rap songs with easy-to-understand lyrics, all crafted with the assistance of generative AI.


DBS Bank India + FCB Interface release ‘Sounds of Budget,’ breaking down the 2024 Union Budget

Prashant Joshi, Managing Director and Head of Consumer Banking Group, DBS Bank India, said, “As a different kind of bank we value an unconventional approach and the fact that the ‘Sounds of the Budget’ campaign is in its fifth year is testament to how well it has been working. This year we are taking it up a notch with the help of Gen AI to create music and lyrics in real time that help explain Budget updates in a simplified, yet relatable manner. This allows us to leverage the topicality better and spark more interest on important topics, while fostering financial literacy. Through this campaign our purpose is to equip our customers with the knowledge and tools they need to achieve their financial goals.”

Rakesh Menon, Chief Creative Officer, FCB Interface, said: “The ‘Sounds of Budget’ is a unique campaign that uses the fusion of two seemingly disparate areas – finance and music – to bring about a creative product that will hopefully capture an audience set known for their short attention spans. It underlines the fact that DBS Bank India is committed to pushing the envelope and experimenting with new formats to cut through the clutter and connect with their target user in a language they understand and enjoy.”

Agency: FCB Interface
Brand: DBS Bank
Chief Operating Officer: Gaurav Dudeja
Chief Creative Officer: Rakesh Menon
Executive Vice President: Ruchita Purohit
Creative Team: Maithili Mullick, Darryl Vaz, Ayush Gupta, Aaresh Sethna, Arushi Khandelwal, Freya Dholakia
Account Management: Pooja Mhatre, Surabhi Upadhyay
Brand Team : Akash Deep Batra , Megha Manchanda, Richa Kamat, Sayali Gaikwad, Mohit Mantri