Reliance Jewels and Scarecrow M&C Saatchi India unveil ‘Not better half but your stronger half’ Valentine’s day campaign

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This Valentine’s day, Reliance Jewels and Scarecrow M&C Saatchi breaks the stereotype by calling women as stronger half instead of better half.


In a world that’s constantly evolving, new narratives are questioning the existing notions and breaking stereotypes in every aspect of life. One such being where men are automatically assumed to be stronger in a relationship by the virtue of their physical strength. Though while introducing the woman the society regards her as the ‘better half’.

The two endearing films for Reliance Jewels and will be launched around Valentine’s Day. The brand aims to redefine love, relationships and the power dynamics between a couple, in today’s times where equal sharing of responsibility and resources is the norm.

The campaign titled ‘Not better half but your stronger half’, aims to recognise how women as better halves are not just your partner but an equal force of unwavering support and resilience. And this strength lies not only in nurturing families, but also in pursuing dreams, overcoming challenges and leading with grace, especially when their men are vulnerable to circumstances and can be fallible.

Telling the story of two different couples through relatable candid moments. One of the films showcases how a husband excitedly packing for a jungle safari gets scared at the mere sight of a lizard. While in the other, the husband is mortified by the nocturnal eerie sounds he hears in his dimly lit home while lighting a candle for an intimate dinner. To this the wives mock their men by calling them “Fattu” (a hindi slang for one who is timid or lacking courage). To which the men retort with a shrug and admit that they are not scared as they are in the presence of their ‘better’ ‘stronger half’. And surprise her with a Valentine’s day gift – a pendant or a ring, part of the collection specially launched by Reliance Jewels for the occasion this year. The brand has also planned for interesting activations for the lucky couples who will walk into the Reliance Jewels stores during this period.

While the brand hopes that it will be able to entice many women through this gesture, it remains to be seen how many men actually recognise and admit to this modern reality.

Love. It represents the bond shared by a couple, their love and appreciation for one another. Reliance Jewels have introduced this collection to represent the strength and accomplishments of women who play multiple roles in today’s world with utmost grace.

Reliance Jewels invite customers to explore the gorgeous collection online and in select stores.

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