Luminous and AutumnGrey launch latest film as a part of their #WomenInEnergy campaign

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Luminous Power Technologies is committed to nurturing and empowering #WomenInEnergy. On International Women’s Day, Luminous and AutumnGrey India launched the second year of their #WomenInEnergy campaign. The film, narrated from a child’s perspective, beautifully captures society’s stereotypes and biases. Luminous aims to bridge the gender gap in the energy sector and challenge the existing gender stereotypes and biases while empowering future generations.


The film highlights the day-to-day household chores associated with only female family members. It features a young boy observing chores around the terrace, and the film then beautifully unfolds to show how it is being done by other family members. The unexpected twist comes when the mother is revealed to be a solar technician under the Luminous training program. Known for its innovative energy solutions, the brand sends a special message by shattering the perceived bias.

Luminous, under its CSR project ‘Solar PV Installation Training’, empowers women across small towns of India to become Solar Installation Technicians.

Neelima Burra, Chief Strategy, Transformation & Marketing officer, Luminous Power Technologies, said, “We as a society have come a long way and moved the needle for women in certain professions, but there is still a lot to be addressed. Our film highlights the need to shift the mindset towards gender-neutral roles and provide equal opportunities to all. The energy sector and technician jobs are often seen as male-dominated, even though women possess all the necessary qualifications to enter the industry. This film will appeal to viewers to introspect and change their perceptions. We need to harness the talent of women to accelerate the country’s efforts towards energy transition and push the adoption of solar PV rooftops. Our campaign #WomenInEnergy aims to transform the mindset and make roles like solar technicians a viable and attractive career option for women.”

Anusha Shetty, Chairperson & Group CEO, Grey India, commented, “Empowering women isn’t just about breaking stereotypes; it’s about harnessing their potential to illuminate our world with innovation and inclusivity. Through initiatives like #WomenInEnergy, we not only challenge biases but also ignite a brighter future for generations to come.”

Luminous Power Technologies is also celebrating this special day with an internal engagement session between the women in leadership roles and employees to discuss the challenges and opportunities for growth in their respective roles.

Brand: Luminous Power Technologies Private Limited
Agency: Grey Group India / AutumnGrey India
Chief Executive Officer: Anusha Shetty
Chief Creative Officer: Sandipan Bhattacharyya
Agency Campaign Team: Abhishek Bagchi, Akshay Crasta, Amartya Bose, Amol Bariya Sousa, Atul Pathak, Avaneesh Raghavesh, Deepak Puttaramaiah, Jane Sequiera, Kaleemuddin Azeem, Mithun Cotha, Nishant Sethi, Nishanth Anantharam, Sandhya Gurung, Soumyadeep Ghosh, Zainab Haji

Luminous and AutumnGrey launch latest film as a part of their #WomenInEnergy campaign Luminous and AutumnGrey launch latest film as a part of their #WomenInEnergy campaign