StarHub’s International Women’s Day campaign via TBWA\Singapore champions women in tech

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This International Women’s Day, StarHub and TBWA\Singapore celebrates the heroines who pioneered many of the innovations we all enjoy today.


Imagine a world without Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or a phone without a Call Button. A reality which could have been, if not for Hedy Lamarr, a co-inventor of the Frequency-Hopping Spread Spectrum Technology for wireless communication which enabled the development of Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth capabilities – or Laila Ohlgren, a telecommunications engineer, and enabler of the microprocessor storage of phone numbers (contact list) and the Call Button.

“Nobile Technology” shows how a phone and mobile plan without innovations by women could be missing many of its critical features. From No Wi-Fi to GPS, the brand shows how essential women in tech are – and how the tech world does need a woman’s touch.

Client: StarHub
Agency: TBWA\Singapore and Six Toes
Production: Wicked Pixels