Don’t miss out on AdFest’s INNOVA Lotus presentation, Thursday 21 March from 9am

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Don’t miss out on AdFest’s INNOVA Lotus presentation, Thursday 21 March from 9am

The INNOVA Lotus presentation is not to be missed. The INNOVA Lotus shortlist winners present their work live in front of ADFEST delegates and face a Q&A with juries of the INNOVA Lotus panel on Thursday 21 March from 9.00 at the Breakout Stage.


The INNOVA Lotus awards celebrate the region’s most innovative works that dares to push the boundaries of creativity into unchartered territory. The INNOVA awards are presented to world-class concepts that have made a dramatic impact on the marketplace i.e. unique, landmark ideas, technologies, designs, applications or creative properties that have pushed the marketing industry into unchartered territory. They are judged on their level of genuine innovation, talk-value, and results.

Fourteen shortlisted pieces of work have been received so far from 10 agencies following a live presentation. The shortlist representatives will present their works to the juries of INNOVA Lotus and delegates of ADFEST 2024 on the Breakout Stage, followed by a Q&A session.

This year’s INNOVA Lotus Shortlist presentations include:
9.00-9.15: Tiger Crystal Summer Puffer
9.15-9.30: Yellow Canteen
9.30-9.45: Project Humanity
9.45-10:00: Digital Twin Tomoyuki Sugiyama – Overcoming Severe Disabilities Through Technology
10.00-10.15: Right To Care
10.15-10.30: Shellmet
10.50- 11.05: Gamma Wave Sound
11.05-11.20: Fish Alluring Painting
11.20-11.35: Paper Organs
11.35-11.50: First First Responder

The Innova Lotus Shortlists Presentation at ADFEST 2024 will be held from 9.00 – 11.50 on Thursday, 21 March 2024, at the Breakout Stage, Pattaya Exhibition and Conventional Hall (PEACH).

ADFEST 2024 takes place Thursday 21 – Saturday 23 March at the Royal Cliff Hotels Group, Pattaya, Thailand. To register for ADFEST 2024, visit