Maybank Indonesia weaves together the threads of faith and finance

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Think Tank Nusantara and Imaginary Friends partnered up yet again for a follow up to their latest Up Up spot with Maybank Indonesia. The latest Maybank Indonesia film unfolds against the backdrop of the Indonesian Muslim hijrah experience, subtly weaving together the threads of faith and finance.


Maybank Syariah is more than just a bank; it’s a partner in your journey towards both financial security and spiritual fulfilment. To reflect this commitment, we wanted to tell Indonesian muslims that there is a path to wealth that’s good, not just for themselves, but for others as well, now and into the future.

What was also key, was depicting how this offering was relevant to those on whatever stage of the journey they find themselves in. Whether they’re just starting out and looking to build wealth or preparing to distribute it according to Islamic principles, we’re here to help.

Director, Zaim Rosli said: “We wanted to underscore the richness of diversity inherent in the hijrah experience. To do that, we depicted subtle differences between the protagonists, so that the campaign could resonate with audiences of diverse ages and socioeconomic backgrounds, while also creating striking contrasts between them. Through this nuanced portrayal, viewers can connect with the characters and the overarching message of the campaign on a deeper level.”

Maybank Indonesia weaves together the threads of faith and finance

Intan Sham, General Manager of Think Tank Nusantara, said: “Choosing the right individuals to portray the diverse stages of the hijrah journey was crucial in ensuring authenticity and relatability.”

From casting sessions to rehearsals, Sham and her team worked tirelessly to select actors who could authentically convey the emotional depth of the hijrah experience.

“Having a client who understands the vision and actively participates in the creative process truly enhances the outcome,” added Sham. “Their support enabled us to focus on every detail, resulting in a commercial that not only resonates with our audience but also reflects the values and ethos of Maybank Syariah.”

The campaign is a simple reminder to those traversing a blessed journey that Maybank Syariah enriches their lives every step of the way as a spiritual and financial ally.

Creative Agency: Imaginary Friends Malaysia
Production House: Think Tank Nusantara
Client: Maybank Indonesia
Film Director: Zaim Rosli
Executive Producer: Intan Sham
Producers: Audri Ferainy. Amar Fhairuz
DOP: Muhammad Arif
Art Director: Patra Graha

Maybank Indonesia weaves together the threads of faith and finance Maybank Indonesia weaves together the threads of faith and finance