Ariel and BBDO India asks men, “Is your HomeTeam as strong as your Dream Team?”

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BBDO India has launched Ariel’s latest #ShareTheload campaign, this time raising the question, “Is your HomeTeam as strong as your Dream Team?” The new film aims to spotlight and fuel conversations about the mental load on women, and husbands becoming trusted allies in household responsibilities and urge couples to work together, as HomeTeams #ShareTheload


In the 9th year, Ariel’s longstanding movement also highlights women, women supporting women, and husbands becoming trusted allies in household responsibilities and working as a Team at Home as a HomeTeam

Mumbai, April 11, 2024 – Over the last 9 years, Ariel India has continuously sparked conversations around the unequal division of domestic chores within households and urging more and more men to #ShareTheLoad. As society progresses, men have increasingly recognized the importance of supporting their partners equally. Since we began this journey in 2015, the percentage of men who believed that household chores, like laundry, are solely a woman’s job has drastically decreased from 79% to 25%*. However, acknowledging the need for further progress, Ariel is driving the conversation forward to encourage men to not only accept the physical aspect of household chores but also to act as a team at home to share the mental load. This collective effort will significantly contribute to men earning the trust of their partners by stepping up, ensuring that she can confidently step out into the world. This year, Ariel poses a pertinent question – How strong is your HomeTeam? By urging men to #ShareTheLoad, Ariel aims to foster a culture of equal ownership and accountability of household chores between husbands and wives, seamlessly integrating both the physical and mental aspects of running a household.

In our latest film, ‘HomeTeams #ShareTheLoad,’ Ariel aims to introduce the notion of fostering a team dynamic within the household, reiterate household chores as a collective responsibility. Additionally, Ariel is urging couples to recalibrate their roles and responsibilities – can men handle both the mental and physical responsibilities of running the household in her absence? If yes, what stops from this becoming a way of life? This introspection is crucial in fostering true equality within households.

Ariel and BBDO India asks men, “Is your HomeTeam as strong as your Dream Team?”

While the physical aspect of household chores may receive occasional recognition, the silent weight of the mental load often goes unnoticed for many women. As men increasingly take on certain tasks and some households opt for domestic assistance, it’s critical to address the unseen burden borne by women. Have we truly considered the relentless mental to-do lists carried by women, often without respite? A new study by an independent third party, commissioned by Ariel revealed a startling fact that three out of every four women (75%*) find it difficult to mentally disengage from household responsibilities. This imbalance not only undermines their health, relationships, and overall well-being but also poses a significant obstacle to their career advancement. As more women enter the workforce and nuclear households become more prevalent, the need to share the load becomes even more pressing. As the unceasing weight of household chores persists, looming over every aspect of life, it’s imperative to ask: Can men adeptly shoulder not just the physical but the mental responsibilities of household management in her absence, thus easing the burden and fostering a more equitable partnership?”

Ariel’s latest film poses a vital question to men. The story follows Aisha, a professional balancing her career and home responsibilities. When offered a work trip in Singapore, Aisha’s apprehension stems from concerns about her ‘team’s’ ability to manage without her. Like a lot of women, she does not want to highlight the main reason that she knows her partner’s incapability to take on the responsibility of the household in her absence The, “team” in this case that she was referring to was the team at home.

This concern reflects a common dilemma for women, with research showing that more than half women occasionally decline work-related travel due to worries about partners’ ability to handle household chores.

Yet, in a heartening turn, Aisha’s boss nudges her to leverage her “HomeTeam” just as effectively as she does her work teams, emphasizing the potential for achieving larger objectives than she could manage alone. This underscores the profound influence of teamwork in both personal and professional realms. While some men serve as catalysts for change, others may need just a gentle push. In the film, the husband’s realization is sparked by simply overhearing a conversation between Aisha and her boss about her apprehension to go to Singapore and how the team back at her home will manage in her absence. The realization in him highlights how small moments can lead to significant shifts in perspective. It’s a testament to men who just need a nudge to genuinely aspire to be equal partners but may be hindered by societal conditioning or a lack of awareness.

Ariel and BBDO India asks men, “Is your HomeTeam as strong as your Dream Team?”

“In response to the evolving dynamics within households, driven by the increasing representation of women in the formal sector, we recognize the need to adapt our approach to laundry care. With higher incomes, increased mobility, and growing aspirations, households are experiencing changes in laundry patterns, time constraints, and a heightened demand for convenience. At Ariel, we are committed to creating an ecosystem at home that empowers women by easing their domestic responsibilities. Our mission goes beyond providing superior cleaning products; we aim to foster genuine partnership and equality within households. By understanding the evolving needs of consumers, we strive to rewrite the narrative of gender roles and empower both men and women to share responsibilities equitably. This year. We are attempting to spotlight the never-ending to do lists, a sign of the mental load, that women continue to disproportionately bear. Together, through initiatives like #ShareTheLoad, our aspiration is to cultivate households where it’s equally common for men and women to not only share the physical chores like laundry but also share the mental load of household responsibilities,” said Mukta Maheshwari, Chief Marketing Officer, P&G India, and Vice President – Fabric Care, P&G Indian subcontinent.

Josy Paul, Chairman & Chief Creative Officer, BBDO India, said: “#ShareTheLoad is not just an advertising campaign; it’s a silent revolution that’s changing the way Indian society perceives household chores between couples. Each year we uncover a hidden truth. Our deep listening process, in collaboration with the team at P&G Ariel, helps us sense the mood of the nation, the home, and the individual. This year we are hearing more and more women say they are giving up on growth opportunities because of the mental and emotional load of domestic responsibilities. This holds many women back and stops them from achieving their full potential. But things are changing. There are so many moments in the film that show us this reality and how the shift is happening. In the end, the film captures the realization of the husband and the effort he puts in to ensure his wife doesn’t have to take a step back at work. A giant step for equality at home.”

Over these seven editions, we’ve consistently addressed this vital issue, emphasizing the importance of shared responsibilities within households. With each passing year, our commitment to promoting equality and sparking meaningful discussions remains steadfast.

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Ariel and BBDO India asks men, “Is your HomeTeam as strong as your Dream Team?” Ariel and BBDO India asks men, “Is your HomeTeam as strong as your Dream Team?”