Petron Malaysia teams up with Ogilvy Malaysia to release their 2024 Raya Festive film

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Ogilvy Malaysia has created Petron Malaysia’s latest Petron Raya Festive film. The over 4 minute long film, aims to touch hearts and igniting conversations during this festive season.


The Petron Raya Festive Film isn’t just a story; it’s a testament to Petron Malaysia’s unwavering dedication to its customers’ happiness. Through this cinematic masterpiece, Petron showcases its deep understanding of the Malay audience, emphasizing the importance of finding harmony in differences, especially during the celebration of Raya.

The campaign centres around a poignant narrative featuring a single father and his daughter, navigating the complexities of divorce amidst the anticipation of Raya and the daughter’s upcoming birthday. Despite the father’s relentless efforts to care for his daughter, she remains overwhelmed with sadness, yearning for her absent mother during these significant occasions.

Adrian Miller, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy Malaysia, said: “In our latest campaign for Petron Malaysia, we dared to venture into the realm of authentic storytelling by addressing a subject that is often considered taboo in advertising – the impact of divorce on a family. We believe that real stories resonate deeply with our audience, and by tackling such a brave and authentic subject matter, we aimed to connect with our viewers on a more meaningful level. Divorce is a reality for many families, yet it’s seldom depicted in commercials, especially during festive seasons like Raya, which are typically portrayed as perfect and joyous. By choosing to highlight the struggles of a single father and his daughter during this time, we wanted to acknowledge the diverse experiences of our audience and remind them that happiness can be found even in the most challenging circumstances.”

“With family being the center of the most meaningful Raya celebrations and understanding the reality that there are families that are not together, we put the focal point on a child’s struggle around the divorce of her parents, magnified by her upcoming birthday which happens to be on the first day of Raya. With this film, we hope to convey the message that happiness is found in togetherness. When things are difficult, we should put aside our differences to reconcile, seek forgiveness and find happiness to achieve harmony,” said Danny Chen Heng Siong, Marketing Manager, Petron Malaysia.

Advertiser: Petron Malaysia
Marketing Manager: Danny Chen Heng Siong
Customer Experience Manager: Mohd Hisham Saleh
Creative Agency: Ogilvy Malaysia
Chief Creative Officer: Adrian Miller
Associate Creative Director: Nurul Fathma Munap
Art Director: Foong Mei Pang
Group Account Director: Coco Carreon
Associate Account Director: Ashikin Yusof
Strategy Director: Paul Gage
AV Producer: SengTuck Loo & Mandy Lee
Production House: Wayang Works
Executive Producer: Mo Bahir
Film Director: Nadiah Hamzah
Producer: Catherine Lee
DOP: Kenz Koh
Art Department: Park Loong
Production Managers: Omar & Sok Wei
Equipment: Cinerent & Rental House
Offline Editor: Daz
Colour Grading & Online: Meccanica
EFX Music and Audio Mix: Grand Theft Records

Petron Malaysia teams up with Ogilvy Malaysia to release their 2024 Raya Festive film Petron Malaysia teams up with Ogilvy Malaysia to release their 2024 Raya Festive film