The Work 2024 Contenders: TBWANew Zealand

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is TBWANew Zealand’s Top 3…

2degrees: Good Tings: The World’s First, First Phone Safety Programme
TBWANew Zealand
Good Tings is a phone safety course in disguise. The unboxing before the unboxing, designed to take kids and parents on a journey to discuss, understand and agree on healthy phone behaviour from day one.

Every lift, tear and fold enhances the opening of any big brand phone, and makes 2degrees handsets safer than if you got the same model from anywhere else.

Along the way, kids and parents learn ten ‘tings’ about healthy phone habits, and engage in activities that encourage them to take the lessons off the box and into culture. Such as sticker bombing and an original grime music anthem.

The final step is a contract for kids and parents to add their own rules, sign and leave at home as a constant reminder of what to do whenever their phone goes ‘ting’.

ANZ x Cancer Society: The Comedy Treatment
TBWANew Zealand
ANZ Bank has supported The Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day for 33 years. But to gain new supporters and drive donations at scale, an unconventional approach was needed. Instead of the usual ‘sadvertising’ seen in the charity sector, we created a one-off, live comedy event.

Promoted as unmissable, appointment-to-view television, we created a unique experience that used humour to open up conversations about one of the most taboo subjects of all: cancer.

‘The Comedy Treatment’, partnering with comedy legend Dai Henwood and leading Warner Brothers Discovery, reached New Zealanders at scale, brought in new audiences and re-energised Daffodil Day donations.

The Work 2024 Contenders: TBWANew Zealand The Work 2024 Contenders: TBWANew Zealand The Work 2024 Contenders: TBWANew Zealand The Work 2024 Contenders: TBWANew Zealand

ANZ: Should I Stay or Should I Go?
TBWANew Zealand
At a time of skyrocketing interest rates and mortgage repayments, ANZ asked the one question on every homeowner’s mind, using the iconic track from The Clash.

More than the lyrics, we borrowed the song’s punk attitude. By using the competition’s brand colours, we were speaking directly to their customers- prompting them to think ‘SHOULD I STAY OR SHOULD I GO?’.

And we directed them to the answer. Our campaign asked Kiwis to make the best call in home loans – 0800 ANZ HOME, for a free ANZ Home Loan Check In. They called in such numbers, that ANZ saw its biggest market share increase in a decade.


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