VaynerMedia launches its Consulting Products in APAC to bring social to the centre of marketing

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VaynerMedia launches its Consulting Products in APAC to bring social to the centre of marketing

VaynerMedia has today unveiled its suite of consulting products in the Asia Pacific region, tailored to meet the dynamic needs of the marketplace. VaynerMedia Consulting will complement its existing professional services.


VaynerMedia Consulting is a modern-day offering designed to help brands bring social (i.e. the consumer) to the centre of their marketing organisation. These innovative offerings tap into the agency’s disruptive thinking and profound cultural insights to revolutionise the way their clients market their brands. From immediate audits and rapid workshops to in-depth accelerators, modern marketing sprints and full white-glove support, these offerings are designed to suit the varied needs of the marketplace to suit all timelines and budgets.

The products focus on four core pillars:

●  Social at the Centre: VaynerMedia has always championed the reality that brand is being built in social. Its Consulting offerings will make that task less daunting with practical solutions to make brand partners best-in-class social marketers.

●  Platforms & Culture: Obsessed with consumer attention, VaynerMedia focuses on where real audience attention lies, driving the agency’s expertise in social platforms and operations that enable movement at the speed of culture. These offerings will inject daily doses of relevance and accelerate clients’ in-house teams and agency partners.

●  Modern Comms Planning: The media landscape is changing constantly, and marketers today need to be daily practitioners of where attention is, and more importantly where it’s underpriced. These media-led offerings are designed to revamp a brand’s media strategy to focus on actual consumed reach while increasing speed-to-market and facilitating agile communication objectives.

●  Holistic Commerce: As brands continue to increase focus on the omnichannel consumer & DTC initiatives, VaynerMedia’s centre of excellence will guide brand teams on modern commerce best practices while enhancing capabilities to optimise sales and brand performance.

VaynerMedia Consulting was first launched in 2020 in the US, with the understanding that the current and future agency model is changing and that brands and agencies will forever need to be nimble in adjusting to consumer and business realities. Its integrated team of global practitioners includes some of the most seasoned, progressive and consumer-obsessed strategists, creators and media platform specialists in the industry who feel deep accountability to find solutions that will grow the client’s business.

Says Gary Vaynerchuk, chairman of VaynerX and CEO of VaynerMedia: “At VaynerMedia, our goal is to drive business results for our clients. As the industry continues to evolve, so will VaynerMedia providing the utmost value. Over the past 18 months, we’ve received an enormous amount of inquiries in APAC from organisations looking to work with us. Our social at the centre of marketing approach that puts the consumer first, is resonating. We also understand the political dynamics of agency life and contracts, and I am always looking to eliminate friction to give people the opportunity to work with us. With Consulting, our goal with every engagement is to provide more value than you paid for, leaving you with a volume of strategic insights, solutions and ideas, as well as a practical plan to make it real and sustainable.”

Consulting is one of the fastest-growing parts of VaynerMedia in the US with 46% year-over-year growth in 2023. Led by global chief business officer, Kaylen McNamara, the arm’s global portfolio of clients is across a broad range of industries, including automotive, CPG, financial services, non-profit, pharma, retail, and QSR.

The Asia Pacific Consulting offering will be spearheaded by Shrey Khetarpal (pictured above), who has successfully led client partnership for the agency in the region over the past 3-years. Shrey will continue to report to Tim Lindley, managing director, VaynerMedia Asia Pacific, in addition to Kaylen McNamara. The consulting team will be based across VaynerMedia’s Asia Pacific offices and will tap into the agency’s global consulting practice to deliver world-class expertise to clients.

The launch was announced as part of the Asia Pacific edition of VaynerMedia Presents: Marketing for the Now that focused on the topic of Day Trading Attention: How to build brand and sales in the new social media world? Watch the video here.

The consulting products are the latest in a series of innovations from Gary’s communications group, VaynerX (of which VaynerMedia is a part).