Café de Coral and dentsu Creative Hong Kong launch AI-infused “Super Evolution” campaign

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Café de Coral and dentsu Creative Hong Kong have teamed up on this AI-infused collaboration. The partnership involves promotional initiatives with fully AI-generated campaign songs and interactive social activations centered around Café de Coral’s after baked series.


The concept of “Super Evolution” captures the essence of Café de Coral’s baked series with exciting local flavors. Elevating the classic series by incorporating dishes like Hainanese chicken rice with local flavors such as turmeric cream sauce and dark soy sauce for a limited time.

Illustrating Café de Coral’s vision, the collaboration with dentsu Creative Hong Kong kickstarts an AI-powered social media presence by introducing their “AI Editor”. This AI Editor captivated the public by crafting a post that incorporates Cantonese Romanization and instantly engages with user comments. The AI editor refreshed Café de Coral’s Facebook logo and cover image, aligning perfectly with the campaign tagline, “Super Evolution.” Within six hours, this dynamic social activation generated over 120,000 impressions, reach and engagement.

Dentsu Creative Hong Kong also led the creative process by composing the lyrics and integrating AI technology to produce campaign songs in various genres, from anime to electronic, to rap and pop, based on the campaign tagline “Café de Coral Signature Baked Series – A Super Evolution in Classic Delights”. The integration of AI and creativity underscores Café de Coral’s commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering a unique dining experience to all walks of life in Hong Kong.

“At Café de Coral, we always strived to deliver restaurant-grade quality in an accessible manner, aligning with our brand vision,” said William Tsing, Corporate Director of Café de Coral. “By integrating AI into our campaign, we aim to democratize AI experiences and ensure that such technology is accessible for everyone, not limited to the privileged few. Stay tuned for the upcoming interactive social media game, which we hope to excite our customers once again.”

“We are dedicated to constantly learning from the latest technologies and cutting-edge advancements to amplify clients’ campaigns,” said Diana Tam, Managing Partner and Director of Operations of dentsu Creative Hong Kong. “The collaboration with Café de Coral highlights dentsu’s expertise in leveraging AI-blend techniques to create exceptional marketing campaigns, offering unique experiences to customers.”

The AI-infused campaign is being disseminated across a diverse array of channels, encompassing mass TV, online TV, digital media, social media, outdoor displays, print media, and radio. This multifaceted approach includes an assortment of ad formats such as programmatic banners and captivating lift lobby displays.

Café De Coral
Chief Executive Officer: Piony Leung
Corporate Director: William Tsing
Senior Marketing Manager: Heidi Tam
Assistant Marketing Manager: Kelvin Ng
Dentsu Creative Hong Kong
Creative: Blue Wong, Peter Ho, Emily Fang, Kuga Ku
Account Servicing: Diana Tam, Bethany Yiu, Kelly Wu