Uber India rescues Milind Soman from running in new Dentsu Creative campaign

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Uber India rescues Milind Soman from running in new Dentsu Creative campaign

We all know that Indian actor, model and fitness enthusiast, Milind Soman loves to run, but he is not the only one. Many of us wish to run away from our boring routine, whether it is our boss, rent, Mondays, or bills. To capture this, Uber India and Dentsu Creative India have launched #RoutineSeRescue (rescue from routine) campaign that highlights how people can seek a much-needed break from their routine with Uber Intercity.


The campaign features a film starring Milind Soman, an actor, model, film producer, and a well-known ambassador for running. The film begins with Milind Soman running and narrating how Indians love to run, even more than him. It then depicts various fun and relatable scenarios where different people are running away from their problems by taking a trip with Uber Intercity.

Ameya Velankar, Head of Marketing, Uber India South Asia said, “While India loves to hustle, sometimes we get lost in the monotony of our routines. When breaking free seems difficult, all you need is to be rescued for a while before you go back to hustling once again. And that’s what this campaign is all about. We want to rescue people from their daily routines with Uber Intercity. Whether you’re an impromptu travel geek or a meticulous planner, Intercity’s round trips offer you the chance to book a ride to over 2000+ destinations for up to 90 days in advance. We decided to collaborate with Milind Soman – because who knows more about running away than India’s favourite enthusiast? But even he needs a break, and that’s why he ended up running away from running, as part of our #RoutineSeRescue narrative.”

Hazel Dalby, Creative Director and Rohit Ranjan, Senior Group Head, Dentsu Creative India added, “Everybody is running away from something. Just like we were, from this brief! Jokes apart, we realised the need to escape from daily life (once in a while) and nothing rescues you more than a road trip with the people you love. Thus, the idea of #RoutineSeRescue was born. Staying true to our insight of people running away, we chose Milind Soman as the face of our campaign who helped us bring the idea alive in a way no one else could have!

But the campaign doesn’t stop there. The film has generated a lot of buzz on social media, as stills from the film became popular memes and hashtags. Uber has also collaborated with several influencers who took a #RoutineSeRescue and went silent for 36 hours, breaking their usual pattern of posting content. Even other brands have joined the #RoutineSeRescue trend and engaged their audience with witty posts on X.


Ameya Velankar: Head of Marketing, Uber India South Asia
Prapti Singh: Head of Product Marketing, Uber India South Asia
Jaspreet Kaur: Marketing Manager, Uber India South Asia
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