L’Oréal Paris invites Chinese consumers to look back over 50 years of the I’m Worth It Platform

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The widely acclaimed brand slogan “I’m Worth It” was born in the 1970s and has endured for over half a century. Across the decades, this slogan has become L’Oréal Paris’s rallying call for breaking stereotypes about women worldwide.


As one of the earliest Western beauty brands to enter China and focus on women’s lifestyles, the Chinese version of this slogan, “我值得拥有” (I’m Worth It), has long been embedded in the daily lives of millions of Chinese women, becoming a powerful expression that has stood the test of time in their social interactions.

This Spring, the L’Oréal Paris China team, in collaboration with McCann China, has invited renowned celebrities including Gong Li, Tiffany Tang, Ju Xiaowen, Naran, alongside llon Specht, the former McCann copywriter who coined the legendary tagline “I’m Worth It” in 1971, to narrate the story behind this iconic slogan from its inception to the present day.

The campaign also includes the participation of several everyday Chinese women who share the fresh significance they have infused into “I’m Worth It”.

The campaign consists of a series of posters and short films, which will be released sequentially, with the hope that everyone who comes across them will feel empowered and encouraged by L’Oréal Paris, continuously creating new meanings for “I’m Worth It”.

Lily Li, L’Oréal Paris China DMI General Manager, said: “I’M WORTH IT” has become an enduring part of public discourse, evoking the collective contemplation of self-worth. This statement embodies the core values that L’Oréal Paris has consistently upheld throughout its journey. Through this initiative, we aim to revisit the various transformations of women’s roles in society since the inception of “I’M WORTH IT” and hope to encourage more Chinese women to confidently affirm their own belief in ‘I’M WORTH IT’.”

Pekyee Lai, General Manager of McCann Shanghai’s L’Oréal Paris team, said: “‘I’M WORTH IT’ has accompanied L’Oréal Paris throughout its development in China, witnessing the development and empowerment of Chinese women. To better explore and interpret the genuine faces and voices of Chinese women behind this slogan, our team has conducted extensive research and has sought out even the smallest detail that might resonate with the public. The successful launch of the campaign owes much to the trust and support of our clients!”

L’Oréal Paris invites Chinese consumers to look back over 50 years of the I’m Worth It Platform