The Work 2024 Contenders: DDB Australia

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is DDB Australia’s Top 4…

Volkswagen Group Australia: The Lighthouse
DDB Australia
Great cars don’t just take you somewhere, they make you feel something. There’s a transformative power that comes from spending time in a quality car – one that Volkswagen believes everyone should experience.

The film features a surprisingly short drive on a tiny island – the most anticipated moment of a lonely lighthouse keeper’s week. When the mail finally arrives it’s the perfect chance to go for the drive he’s craving.

‘Let’s go for a drive’ is a simple invitation to let your vehicle transform your day for the better, even if the drive only lasts for a few short minutes

The Work 2024 Contenders: DDB Australia

McDonald’s Australia: The Original Mouthful
DDB Australia
The Big Mac wasn’t as culturally BIG as it used to be. But there was a whole generation of people who could still list out every, single, ingredient thanks to an old 1974 jingle. So, 50 years later we brought it back. The jingle that trended before trending was a thing. But, for a whole new generation. In a fully integrated campaign that ran across Cinema, TV, OOH, Radio, Social, Digital, Print, POS, and Partnerships. Including a first-of-its-kind AI powered snapchat filter that analysed and rewarded users on the spot for reciting the jingle in 4-seconds.

Movember: Mancestry
DDB Australia
Despite the millions of moustaches that are grown each year for Movember, men still don’t actively engage with their health. So we created Mancestry – a world-first scientific test that uses history to help keep men healthy, by analysing the DNA in their moustache hair and linking it to great moustachioed men from history. Each Mancestry test also gives men the tools to start important conversations with healthcare professionals. Using the strategy of ‘health by stealth’, we made it easy, fun and motivating for men to engage with their health.

Movember: The Mo is Calling
DDB Australia
Each year in November, passing a fellow moustachioed man feels akin to giving them a secret handshake. Like you’re part of a club. So, with men’s health in crisis, Movember was transformed into the world’s least secret, most inclusive Secret Society. Providing mateship, a true sense of belonging, and a purpose: to stop men dying too young.

Borrowing from the visual worlds of cults with their tongue firmly planted in their cheek, the campaign asked all to answer the Call of the Mo, inspiring a new wave of participation in the month-long fundraising spectacular.


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