The Work 2024 Contenders: VML Taiwan

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is VML Taiwan’s Top 3…

Pure Tea: The Intern
VML Taiwan
VML Taiwan has created this ‘Fresh Everyday’ series of spots for Pure Tea. The campaign was divided into 5 episodes, with one episode airing each day, released from Monday to Friday.

Pure tea’s series of films showcase one interns unexpected work conflicts via VML Taiwan.

‘Fresh’ has always been the product characteristic that Pure Tea has wanted to convey. But ‘fresh’ is too general. Therefore, the brand wanted to clearly convey the support point of fresh and delicious products to young people.

Often young people are not interested in advertisements that describe product features. Young people don’t care about fresh support points, but they care very much about whether they live fresh every day. They expect to experience the freshness of every day through challenges and stimulation in life or work.

Every day full of excitement and challenges is what young people want. Therefore, the creative strategy: let unexpected conflicts and transitions happen every day. Make every day full of drama and freshness and convey the message of product characteristics.

With the different challenges faced by the protagonist of the film every day, VML Taiwan ensure that every day, the audience can see fresh, interesting, and dramatic films. Through the film, young consumers can feel that pure tea is fresh every day.

Humanistic Education Foundation: Group Psychotherapy
VML Taiwan
Suffering after corporal punishment, a feather duster tells you. VML Taiwan brings more reflections on corporal punishment to Taiwanese society.

Corporal punishment is rare in Western families, but it is still common in Taiwanese families. In daily life, Taiwanese parents often use various objects to physically punish their children, such as feather dusters, hangers, belts, slippers, rulers and other items. Even on the Internet, there are often reports about the “Ten Pros of Corporal Punishment”.

4/30 is “The International Spank Out Day”. Taiwan hopes to become a country that does not punish children physically. The Humanistic Education Foundation hopes that through the video, parents will be encouraged to give up corporal punishment and instead educate their children through love.

VML found that corporal punishment of children is actually a temporary impulse of parents. After corporal punishment of children, many parents will experience pain and self-blame. If they want to communicate with the parents, they cannot blatantly point out that the way parents use corporal punishment is wrong. Therefore, the film hopes that the painful feelings of “others” after beating and scolding children will make people think about whether corporal punishment is really the most effective way of education.

Who will talk about the feelings after corporal punishment?

These objects, misused as tools of corporal punishment, tell the story. Corporal punishment of children is not their original job. After every corporal punishment, these props are also full of guilt. The inner words of these props are actually the inner voices of parents after corporal punishment of their children.

The film received public responses, support and sharing from many Taiwanese legislators, city councilors, civic groups, educational groups and news medias. 37 schools in Taiwan voluntarily reposted the video to respond to the educational philosophy of no corporal punishment. Finally, they saw the results. Taiwan’s Ministry of Justice to make an official announcement: to amend Article 1085 of the Civil Code. It is stipulated that parents who protect and educate minor children should consider the age and development level of the children and must not commit physical or mental violence against the children.

Ford Focus Wagon: Making Space
VML Taiwan
By tapping into Taiwan’s unique geography and culture, VML Taiwan managed to make Focus Wagon the top-selling mid-size car in the country.

The Ford Focus has an established presence in Taiwan for over 2 decades, and this year Ford introduced a new Focus Wagon to its domestic lineup. While the Focus currently maintains the No.2 spot in its market segment, competitors are aggressively catching up and enhancing features and offerings that challenge the Focus’s hold on its position.

How can the launch of the Focus Wagon endure this pressure and continue to boost Ford’s market presence?

VML found that Taiwanese people are the 4th most overworked in the world.
Confronted with lengthy work hours, people desperately need to make space and unwind through meaningful escapades.

So unlike the rest, VML’s approach with the Focus Wagon isn’t centered on promoting fancy features. Rather, the Wagon is promoting a mindset, and offering a space that enables people to embrace a heartful reprieve.

In the film, a female executive embarks on a spontaneous excursion in her Focus Wagon to explore the roads less trodden in Taiwan. The Focus Wagon is beyond mere transportation: it is a vessel that encourages people to reserve the time to make space, and to lay the heart to rest.

The film touched over 7 million people and sparked a revival of interest in Taiwan’s geographic culture and trivia. Most importantly, in just the space of a month, the Focus Wagon became the top-selling domestic mid-size car market by a commanding margin, and to date has firmly held onto its position at the top.


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