The Work 2024 Contenders: GIGIL Philippines

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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2024 Contenders. Here is GIGIL’s Top 3…

Grab: Summer
GIGIL Philippines
Grab wanted to expand its business and increase salience and transactions for its services this summer in the Philippines (when temperatures are predicted to hit a new high of 52 degrees Celsius or 125.6 degrees Fahrenheit). A season when just doing everyday tasks can make one break into a sweat.

So GIGIL put together this simple proposition: Ride an air-conditioned car–or instead of stepping out for lunch, have your food delivered–and save yourself the searing experience of 125.6-degree Fahrenheit weather. Have a no sweat summer.

The best way to dramatize this: come out with a film. It tells the story of an everyday Filipino doing everyday things–commuting, working in his office, commuting back to come home, cooking for himself in his house. But because it’s summer in the Philippines, viewers see him sweat like a waterfall, which he’s oblivious of. And all the cascade stops when he rides a GrabCar, or orders from GrabFood.

CoCo Tea: Cool
GIGIL Philippines
CoCo Tea is a fresh tea and juice brand, primarily known for its boba milk tea. What makes milk tea unique is the cup’s plastic cover and how drinkers stab their straw through it–which can be a form of catharsis. Something highly relevant to the Philippines, being the most stressed nation for workers in Southeast Asia.

The brand positioned itself as a source of stress relief and management–so when you’re stressed, get yourself a CoCo, strike your straw through its cover, and relieve yourself of stress.

The film has achieved 25.8M views, 118.7K shares, 1.3M engagements. Earned media outstripped paid media by 686.5%. Most importantly, because of the film, sales increased by 33.44%.

Netflix: 4Dish Pot
GIGIL Philippines
Films usually promote using posters. Two-dimensional…flat. But what if this was brought them to life?

Presenting the Netflix 4Dish Pot. An idea to launch Replacing Chef Chico, a series about food.

First, teh agency built a gigantic, 24-foot tall pot inside one of the biggest malls in Manila. GIGIL wrapped the interior of the pot with 217 LED screens. The lid’s interior showed the leads like they were on the poster, but in motion. When the pot’s lid was opened, smoke came out from the sides by using hybrid fog generators. When closed, they made the floor shake by rigging it with a motorized contraption underneath, simulating the boiling stew. And when the actors dropped ingredients from the ceiling, people saw them falling on the LED walls. Viewers could even smell the peanut stew using innovative scenting technology–all of these giving Filipinos a 4D experience. Plus the stars, breaking the fourth wall, even greeted them.

Results? Experienced by thousands. Made Replacing Chef Chico #1 on Netflix Philippines. Remained in the Top 10 for 6 weeks. While other films promote with a poster, this campaign cooked up a 4D event to make viewers experience it.


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