Design trailblazers Pum Lefebure + John C. Jay delve into creativity and craftsmanship

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Pum Lefebure, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Design Army, delves deep into the essence of creativity and craftsmanship in this must-see, candid conversation with design icon John C. Jay.


The eye-opening interview was filmed lived from New York City where this year’s The One Show 2024 design judging took place, where rows of physical posters, prints, publications, and packaging were laid out for the jury to experience. And leading that jury was design icon John C. Jay. It’s been years since the Hall of Fame laureate had sat on a global awards jury, but One Club Board of Directors Vice-Chair Pum Lefebure knew that if ever there was a time in the industry for a legend to return and share his wisdom, it was now.

Far beyond discussing this year’s crop of One Show submissions, the two legendary trailblazers share fresh, inspiring insights on the intersection of culture, craftsmanship, and the evolving landscape of creativity in celebration of AAPI Heritage Month.