Digitas Singapore + Heckler Singapore launch animated ‘Undefeated’ Music Video for Riot Games

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Digitas Singapore, in collaboration with Heckler Singapore, has unveiled a captivating, animated universe in the recently launched music video, ‘Undefeated’. This unique creation, produced for the globally popular video game VALORANT and girl group XG, is set to mesmerise fans with its innovative blend of gaming and music.


The ‘Undefeated’ music video serves as a prelude to the highly anticipated VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific, a key event in the esports calendar. This tour, which features top-level competitive gaming and teams from across Asia Pacific, is a testament to the strategic gameplay and strong community connections that VALORANT is renowned for, attracting a global fan base.

The ‘Undefeated’ music video unfolds in a culturally vibrant setting, urging individuals to defy fate and shape their own destinies. Drawing inspiration from the region’s fascination with fortune-telling, the video follows a protagonist who, despite being advised by a fortune teller to accept a bleak fate, chooses to fight against the forces of nature with the support of teammates. This narrative echoes the resilience and courage that the VALORANT Champions Tour Pacific aims to embody, making the music video a dynamic promotional tool for the upcoming esports tournament series in South Korea.

Digitas Singapore, which is part of Publicis Groupe Singapore, led the conceptualisation and creative direction of ‘Undefeated,’ a collaborative project with Riot Games, the developers of VALORANT, and XG, with direction by Heckler Singapore. Together, the teams meticulously crafted over 80 shots featuring ten distinct cityscapes, seamlessly blending intricate 3D environments with hand-drawn cell animation.

Digitas Singapore + Heckler Singapore launch animated ‘Undefeated’ Music Video for Riot Games

Dee Reyes, Creative Director at Digitas Singapore, said: “When we crafted the storyline for this year’s VCT Pacific music video, we needed a partner to breathe life into our vision. We were committed to delivering a concept that resonated with VALORANT players, gamers, as well as VCT Pacific and XG fans alike. Cody and the Heckler team attended to every detail we outlined, showcasing unparalleled dedication and excellence.”

Creative Director at Heckler, Cody Amos, said: “A key aspect of the project was finding the perfect aesthetic— a visually captivating world with subtle nods to familiar landscapes yet imbued with a distinct, alternate reality. Together with Digitas Singapore, we delved into the intricacies of the storyline, refining the narrative arc to encapsulate themes of friendship, resilience, and triumph.”

Digitas Singapore
Creative Director: Dee Reyes
Associate Creative Director: Imran Chaudhry
Senior Art Director: Benjamin Tan
Art Director: Qianhui Tan
Copywriter: Nicole Fang
Senior Producer: Kit Yee Chow
Senior Account Director: Zav Husref
Senior Account Executive: Charlene Tay
Heckler Singapore
Director: Cody Amos
Executive Producer: Charu Menon
Senior VFX Producer: Xinhui Zheng
CG Lead: Sam Schwier
Compositing Lead: Davor Zec
3D Artists: Kepa Casado, Toby Lewin, Yong Soon Ong, Nizam Mohammed & Shazni Muhammad
2D Character Animation: Drasik Studio
Edit/Motion Design/IO: Zackery Wang, Craig Woo
Storyboard Artists: Abdul Wahid, Danielle Melianti

Digitas Singapore + Heckler Singapore launch animated ‘Undefeated’ Music Video for Riot Games