Muma Malaysia and Directors Think Tank create latest film for F&N Dairies

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There is no disputing that food lies at the heart of many Malaysians. Whether it is the enjoyment of tantalising dishes or the act of breaking bread together, food unites us on a daily basis. This the short film, via Muma Malaysia, depicts a parents’ love and care for their adult daughter that is conveyed through food.


It can also be a symbol of love that not only fills the tummy but warms the heart – be it a hot bowl of soup when you are feeling under the weather; having birthday breakfast in bed or all your favourite dishes served up whenever you visit your parents.

This insight lies at the center of F&N Dairies latest thematic campaign which carries the brand purpose, “Mengisi Hati Setiap Hari”. A household brand familiar across generations for its range of sweetened evaporated and condensed milk and creamers, its campaign includes a short film, in-store communications, social and digital materials.

Muma’s Creative Partner, Choo Chee Wee, said: “Unlike in the Western culture, Asian parents are generally less verbal when it comes to expressing themselves but their actions speak volumes. So while they don’t always say ‘I love you’ to their children, serving up their favourite foods is a common way for Asian parents to express their love, no matter if their child is thirteen or 30 years of age. Going one step further, their care and concern over the child’s well-being is also expressed through food – statements like ‘Have you eaten yet’ or ‘You look so thin, let me cook your favourite dish this weekend’ is something many of us we hear from our parents even now as working adults!”

The film also subtly reminds audience not to neglect their parents and family no matter how busy one gets – unfortunately a common occurrence in today’s hectic life – and that even simple shared meal at the end of the day is enough to fill the hearts of all.

Choo added: “With this film we aim to deliver an idea that works both for the brand and the greater good through a beautiful piece of storytelling based on consumer and cultural insights.”

Muma collaborated with Directors Think Tank to bring this story to life, while also working with Pitch Audio + Magic who created a customised piece for the film.

Production House: Directors Think Tank
Directors: Rajay Singh and Chevie Law
Executive Producer: Tek Nam and Pat Singh
Producer: Icha
Music: Pitch Audio + Magic

Muma Malaysia and Directors Think Tank create latest film for F&N Dairies Muma Malaysia and Directors Think Tank create latest film for F&N Dairies