TikTok hosts 2024 Ad Awards, celebrating standout campaigns in Singapore

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TikTok hosts 2024 Ad Awards, celebrating standout campaigns in Singapore

TikTok hosted their Ad Awards ceremony last week in Singapore, recognising outstanding brands and marketers who have created campaigns on the platform. Launched in February, the TikTok Ad Awards this year marks the first Southeast Asia (SEA) instalment of the ceremony, spanning six markets in the region: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.


The TikTok Ad Awards 2024 spotlights creatives and provides a platform for them to showcase campaigns that are reshaping the marketing landscape. With the awards, TikTok aims to honour and highlight these industry trailblazers for their contributions to the industry. They also serve as a testament to TikTok’s role in helping brands cultivate new growth.

For their inaugural award, they received 116 submissions from brands and agencies in Singapore across three categories: Best Branding Campaign, Best Performance Campaign, and Best Local Hero Campaign.

“With creativity at the core of our platform, we are dedicated to fostering authenticity and igniting innovation within our vibrant creative community. Transitioning from one-way communication to interactive engagement, we aim to provide brands and marketers with opportunities to foster creativity on a global scale. Congratulations to all the winners for their exceptional work in crafting compelling content on TikTok. We are excited to continue empowering our creatives to produce inspiring content every day,” said Patricia Goh, Country Lead, Brand & Growth Partnerships, Singapore & Malaysia, TikTok.

The Best Branding Campaign award had gone to Singapore Civil Defence Force’s innovative campaign on “What’s Your Emergency?”, which educated the public on dialling 995 only for emergencies. Following which, Sterra’s engaging campaign to launch its latest Air Purifier was acknowledged with the Best Performance Campaign award, through leveraging conversation data and prioritising ad-delivery to users. Finally, their Best Local Hero Campaign was presented to JobsOnDemand, a well-deserving winner, who had set the stage for bigger, better, campaigns in the industry by leveraging timely local content and humour, driving audiences to download their app.

“We are truly impressed by the level of innovation and impactful storytelling that was exhibited in this year’s campaigns. All brands and agencies that are present today have certainly pushed the boundaries of advertising and highlighted the potential that creativity holds in marketing. As it continues being the driving force of progress and growth, we hope that these talents keep breaking the norms, and challenging the status quo,” said Joban Singh, Sr Director, Consumer Marketing and CX, Invisalign APAC.

At the ceremony, TikTok also announced the launch of a new report with Ipsos that will be coming out in May, showcasing the Four Missions for the Modern Marketer. The report will feature highlights such as how TikTok helps brands retain their loyal customers on the platform, strengthening brand user affinity by 6.4%, which is 1.7 times higher than the average benchmark. TikTok also facilitates the expansion of brands’ penetration by helping them win over new-to-brand users – there is a 4.4% increase in purchase intent on the platform – found to be 1.2x higher than the average benchmark. Moreover, TikTok effectively drives acquisition of low frequency category users, with +7.5% increase in purchase intent (2x higher than benchmark). (*)

(*) Sources: According to TikTok Marketing Science, Ad Effectiveness Study, APAC, 2023, conducted by Kantar.