22feet Tribal Worldwide India celebrates BGMI quick gameplay via latest campaign

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22feet Tribal Worldwide India has created a series of spots for BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI), KRAFTON India’s popular battle royale game, titled ‘Hai Thoda Time, Play Thoda BGMI’. The funny campaign highlights BGMI’s range of quick gameplay modes, tailored for the evolving needs of modern gamers.


In response to the growing demand for shorter, more dynamic gaming experiences, the campaign recognizes the contemporary challenge of time constraints faced by gaming enthusiasts. ‘Hai Thoda Time, Play Thoda BGMI’ showcases how seemingly insignificant moments in everyday life can create opportunities for playing the whole new line-up of immersive Quick Game Modes on BGMI.

BGMI became a sensation in India banking on its highly viral and long Battle Royale mode. While this mode remains the most popular in BGMI, the campaign highlights the array of quicker game modes available in the game.

Srinjoy Das, Associate Director of Marketing, KRAFTON India, said: “Cutting clutter when you are talking about something as mundane as lack of time is tough. For this campaign, we found the scripts to be remarkably funny, and brings out a very dramatic set of circumstances that piques strong curiosity and ensures high video completion rates. We hope our fans love the beautifully directed films as much as we do.”

Vishnu Srivatsav, Creative Head – 22feet Tribal Worldwide, said: “We were seeking the most precious commodity in the known universe, time. And not a large amount of time, but a tiny sliver of it. But we know that every second of free time that people get is a gift from the universe. So we went ahead and made films that showed the amount of things that needed to happen for anyone to get just a little bit of time. We worked on the crazy, yet plausible set of events that lead to you getting a little bit of time for BGMI’s quick game modes.”

The campaign features a series of three quirky films that explore the unexpected pockets of free time, or “thoda time,” that are perfect for enjoying BGMI’s Quick Game Modes. The humorously absurd scenarios depict the butterfly effect triggered by minor events, ultimately leading to characters finding the perfect short break to play BGMI, because these quick game modes can be fired up anytime, anywhere.

The first film shows a dramatic showdown as ‘Kutty Gangster’ follows a lovesick gangster whose plan to eliminate his rival backfires hilariously, causing enough chaos to delay a nearby cab on the street.

‘A Fishy Tragedy’ depicts the chaotic chain reaction set off by a dead fish and a mischievous cat, leading a professor to miss the bus and get late for class.

In ‘Record Breaker’, we see Sushil break an unusual record of bursting the most balloons ever. Now celebrating this feat leads to a boss delaying his meeting due to some pigeons. How all this ties together is the delight in this film.

All three bizarre scenarios ultimately lead to the characters enjoying the Quick Game Modes on BGMI.

Creative: Rahul Mathew, Vishnu Srivatsav, Gurpratap Singh, Abhishek Rasane, Apekshith Ganesh, Shahinshad AC, Manvir Mahidwan
Business: Shikha Davessar, Akansha Taparia
Strategy: Skandaram Vasudevan
Films: Kutty Gangster, A Fishy Tragedy, Record Breaker Sushil, Office Office
Production House: Kluture Films
Director: Sukriti Tyaagi