JBL blurs the line between real and surreal in latest Havas Worldwide India campaign

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JBL blurs the line between real and surreal in latest Havas Worldwide India campaign

Havas Worldwide India have created this immersive video series, featured around iconic landmarks across India, which serve as the canvas for this innovative showcase, offering viewers an unforgettable glimpse into JBL’s unrivalled professional audio capabilities.


In a crowded landscape of branded content and commercials, differentiation is one of the biggest differentiating factors. Recognising this, audio giant JBL (from the house of HARMAN) has ingeniously showcased its distinctiveness through a captivating series of mixed reality videos.

Designed to create buzz about JBL’s top-of-the-line audio components like Tour One M2 Headphones, PartyBox Ultimate speaker, and Authentics speaker – each video showcases how powerful sound can make anything, and anybody, come alive and dance.

Yogesh Nambiar, Director, Integrated Marketing, HARMAN India, said: “We’re witnessing the growing and well-accepted use of AI, AR and VR in marketing campaigns. As a frontrunner in the audio industry, JBL is always eager to adopt the latest approaches and technologies that showcase the edge that we bring to the table. 2023 witnessed our 3D anamorphic films at various airports across the country which received an overwhelming response from partners and customers alike. This year, we are seeing great response on our mixed reality videos as well. The Authentics series video was no different. Thanks to our partners Havas Worldwide India and the people at Unstitched – founders Ashvir Khurana & Nikita Ramrakhyani and Yashvi Bothra from the creative team – I daresay this one will surpass the earlier ones. I’m glad that this is how JBL lovers saw the product for the first time. One icon working with another.”

Anupama Ramaswamy, Chief Creative Officer and Joint Managing Director, Havas Worldwide India, said: “Mixed reality is a popular and powerful medium for brands. It is fun, light-hearted and immersive. It also makes the content more shareable and memorable. However, many brands use mixed reality as a gimmick, without any connection to the product or the message. JBL products are different. So, our ambition was to create something that displayed their abilities in full glory. They offer powerful sound and come with stunning designs. In the end, it was easy to land on an idea that makes the world around them come alive and party with them.”