Innored Seoul hires former Google Korea executive director Kim Tae-won as new co-CEO

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Innored Seoul hires former Google Korea executive director Kim Tae-won as new co-CEO

Innored Seoul has appointed Kim Tae-won as its co-CEO, effective immediately. Tae-won, the former executive director of Google Korea, is widely recognized as an industry-leading expert who has played a pivotal role in the digital transformation of numerous companies.


During his 18-year tenure at Google Korea, he was instrumental in establishing YouTube as the leading marketing platform in Korea, contributing significantly to the company’s impressive growth.

Tae-won will join Innored to spearhead the business strategy and media operations, oversee the expansion of investment in marketing solutions, and drive the global business forward. In collaboration with founder Park Hyun-woo, the CEO will work towards positioning Innored as a leading global marketing solution company, transcending its current presence in Korea.

Innored is a prominent independent advertising agency in Korea, boasting an impressive track record of 30 major awards over the past 13 years, including three grand prizes at the Korea Advertising Awards. Furthermore, the company has achieved significant success at YouTube Works Korea, securing 11 wins over the last five years. In addition to its accolades, Innored actively invests in promising creative and marketing technology companies in Korea, such as Ideot, Paulus, Big Insight, and Opinno Marketing, resulting in mutually beneficial growth and investment outcomes.

Tae-won said: “Innored, an organization that has spearheaded innovation within the industry throughout the digital transformation era, is committed to ascending as a frontrunner in the marketing sector and serving as the premier ally for clientele who perceive the age of accelerated inflection points, including AI, as an opportunity.”