Stephen Douglas, Chloe Ko and Chris Thorp join forces to launch production representation company M25 across Asian region

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Stephen Douglas, Chloe Ko and Chris Thorp join forces to launch production representation company M25 across Asian region

Chloe Ko, Stephen Douglas and Chris Thorp have joined forces to establish M25. A unique company that will represent, build, profile and connect progressive production, post production, music and entertainment companies across the Asia region.


Based in Asia, the new company is a diverse, collaborative and driven team of international production consultants who have a clear shared vision to represent, network and build their client’s business across the Asian region.

Co-founding partner Chloe Ko says M25 offers a strategic advantage by providing clear guidance on which specific Asian markets to prioritize, ensuring efficient resource allocation and reducing the risk of missteps.

“Unlike going alone, partnering with M25 alleviates the burden of resource-intensive efforts and high entry costs. M25’s deep local knowledge and expertise help companies overcome cultural and regulatory challenges, allowing them to gain traction quickly and compete effectively. With M25, companies can confidently enter and thrive in the intricate and expansive Asian marketplace,” said Ko.

So, why would you name a business after the busy London motorway that circles the city?

“Good question. Actually there’s more to a name than mere provenance. The M25 is orbital and so are we, said co-founding partner Stephen Douglas.

“Three partners offering a unique mix of experience, talent, connections and production and postproduction know how. Combined, M25 offer a 360-degree and cost effective approach to any client across Asia.

“M25 will tailor it’s modules to our client’s Asia expansion requirements, acting as their partner to enable them to build and maintain their business in the ever changing market place – providing essential knowledge, advice and market insight to support expansion.”

Adds Chris Thorp, co-founding partner: “M25 will build our client’s business success based on who we we know. Our highly experienced team has all the right connections and resources to further our clients business expansion and profile in the region. As everyone knows, Asia’s diversity complicates market selection. Companies risk inefficient resource use and struggle to gain traction. Significant time, effort and financial resources are needed, being represented by M25 will bridge and shortcut their growth and success in Asia.”

Ko (Korea based), Douglas (Indonesia based) and Thorp (Hong Kong based) have many years of on-the-ground experience. Between them have worked client side, agency-side, production-side and post-side. They have extensive marketing, managing and selling experience. Together have worked all over China, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, The Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand and Japan.

Two of the three founding partners were both born within the M25 in London, but both have lived and worked in the region for over twenty years.

Douglas has worked at a very senior level across the region for both production and post-production companies, including Fin Design+Effects, Directors Think Tank, Method Studios, Digipost and Film Construction.

Ko cultivated her skills in agencies within Korea and SE Asia as an Executive Producer able to bridge the cultural gaps. Her role has expanded internationally focusing on managing productions across diverse Asian markets and collaborating with prominent names including global K Pop sensation, Black Pink.

Thorp has worked in the industry in Asia for more than two decades working with clients such as Benz, Yum, and Huawei, creating many successful collaborations throughout Greater China and the Asia region. A passion for creativity and innovation has led him to establish, develop, and sell businesses in the industry.

M25 is launching with a signed up roster of some great clients that complement each other, with further additions to be announced over the coming weeks.